By Ramdhani Wikusumah


Start in Indonesian economic crisis, when stuff must be paid expensively. Included in institution study

fee, which it makes study become luxurious. This problem should resolve in couple years, to reach

brainy Indonesian. How can we measure the brainy level of Indonesian to another country, especially

for the developing country? This is the way of my dream to change the world, at least to change

Indonesian first.

As a university student which will be the next leader, we should have a critical thinking. Where it can

be practiced by enforce some dilemmas with discussion solving. This is useful to open our mind and

will useful for our future. So the question is “what can I do as a student to change the world?”

Key: brainy Indonesian, what can I do as a student to change the world?


Knowledge is the most important thing for our life. Why? Because to start doing something especially

for an item, we should knew about the function, and know how to operate it. Not only that, life can

be through with no experiences, but the result will not as good as what we expects. But, if there

already experiences based on knowledge, the percentage of the success will much bigger than



Why do I take this topic? It is caused by how brainy people depend on what standard or meter that

takes. At this time, I will try to represent the cleverness with popular meter in this age, they are IQ

and EQ, two parts that able to explain generally.

There are some famous brainy mean:

1. C. P. Chaplin (1975) said The ability to enforce and adaptive for new situation fast,

2. Anita E. Woolfolk (1975) said brainy included three mentions: ability to learn, whole

knowledge that reach and ability to adaptation with new situation or generally environment.

First I would like to talk about what IQ and EQ. IQ (Intelligent Quotient) as an intellectual intelligent

build by Charles Spearman (1904) with him “Two Factor” theory, or Thurstone (1938) with “Primary

Mental Abilities” theory. There, they categorize the intelligent and call as Intelligent Quotient (IQ). It

was counted by the equivalent of mental age with chronological age, and then categorized it into idiot

to genius (Weacheler in Nana Syaodih, 2005).

Emotional Quotient (EQ), the meter by the emotional intelligent ability was invented by Daniel

Goleman (1999). He said that the emotional intelligent means the ability to understand our feeling

and other, ability to motivate our self and ability to control emotional for our self and other.

From there we can see that actually to be brainy, we should have both. How to reach both? What its

forms like? It could be seen, couldn’t it? The reason that I suggest to you to learn. There is no reason

if you have not study formally, because we still able to learn from our world and environment. That I

had, the environment teaches me more than I got in school applicably. The study to know what is

average human characteristics and the way to enforce it. May it would be better if there is a guide

book that already simulated by the expert to minimize the misleading the reader, but the book is too

small inside, and all person have different ability to enforce the same condition. So the best teacher

actually is nature. Where from the professor build the intelligent? I think they read it from nature.

Where from the astronauts get the knowledge about the condition in space’s atmosphere??? The

reason is the nature. Some of experiences that we already have can be concluded as a knowledge

that given by nature. So nature can be one of the reasons where we will create a new work field. Not

only became a farmer, but we can build the experiments how to grew up our agriculture in fast.

There is much agricultural university that builds in Indonesia, but how poor if our people just became

a consumerism where just able to walk as the other say it is good or better. We need a spirit to build

our ability to believe if we can, because to much Indonesian that after graduated, they work in

different subject as them skill.

May be some people will say if they have a weakness in their capacity to reach something. But there

is one of alternate that they can have experience from other experience. This is one of cheapest

study that people can do. There will be useful for your daily, but this kind of knowledge will be hard

or would not be used for scientist life, because nowadays people will believe if there is an experiment

from the expert.

The intelligent and emotional quotient actually will grow in the same time or influenced by both. We

can meter the brainy not only from how large your IQ test score, but how you can use your intelligent

capacity to rebuild your environment to be better. For these two parts we should have it balance,

because if there was not stable, it will produce something that a harmful person. As we know like

corruptors that actually we will obtain them have a good IQ, but without EQ they will most possibility

corrupt. The corrupt has same meaning with took something that not suppose his stuff, and it will not

happen if we have a spirit of believe that already organize in rules.

So, we will reach brainy Indonesian if there is already balance score between Emotional and

Intelligent. As our county’s aim that build in Undang-undang Dasar 1945.


This is not only a small question that can be said easily. This question is connecting us with every

person in any part of the world. So it is not a simple yes no question that able to answer in a word.

Depending on reality, every bigger must starts with a smaller first like our self. The first thing to

solve this mission should start with a dream. A dream or a will is something that able to move

someone to work. Many Indonesian that if asked about their dreams, their will scratch their head that

show a confuse condition. It is happen to a university student also that could be said smart, and how

about the simple minded, what will happen to them? They may just think to pass their life with a

want, because there is nothing to do and to keep (materials). In this condition, dream will make

somebody want to do something impossible with knowledge and hard works. That is why dreams and

will are the first thing we should have.

After dreaming about something to do, we need hard work and knowledge to make it real. Which the

knowledge reached only with study at school. But the crises that enforce us to expensive fee that we

should paid. Although now, for elementary school and lower secondary school is free by the

government. Some reason that why they can not go to school is the duty to help their parent to earn

money. And this is indicating the society economic level is very important. This is means education

will not alive without food, that food stands us to be alive.

Problem that we enforced is destitution of people, closely for Indonesian. In fact, this condition

makes some Indonesian became a singing beggar especially for a young man that under 18 in ages.

Where this is the time for kids to enrich their imagination and dream with play and study in school.

Concern with this condition, the first that we should build is the spirit to have a good position with

studying in school or anyplace. Why? Because a person’s status level in social is depend by the

knowledge that they already have. For example, what makes people having a good work? And the

primary answer is the level of your study that creates knowledge on you.

To solve this problem, the formal school that stands for government program is not effective for now,

although it is free. We need to transform the way of teaching that regularly use five or more hours to

stay in class and only listening to the teachers. One idea that I have is we create a informal school

that only focus to the students skill, this is caused the theory is only use to grow up our mind, where

need a higher step of level grade that means needed longer time than only grow up your skill. If we

talk about skill, the theory will come after that, so it will be easier to use for student that having less

time. For an example we can imagine about what we should do to create a study that interesting for

a singer beggar. Do you know if they actually working with guitars, mini drum, flute, etc? Here we

can teach them about what can they do with their ability, like how to create a guitar, or may be how

to promote your song to the producer. This skill will help to advance them. I think it is the most

effective way to enrich their education. Not only that, the government need to cooperate with social

organizations whose already stand for experiences in this kind of studies.

Except that, as a university student that have much knowledge, we need to change not only from

direct the subject, but we need to change it from the background rules that government persist. One

is the education curriculum that always changes for every four years. This is much confusing, where

every subject materials always change and we can not use the book for long time, because it is

expire for four years. One comment that I ever read is Malaysian already success with adopting

Indonesian 1994 curriculum, but why we as the owner not? We need to work hard to finish the

curriculum succession till reaching a success. As we know build for a small thing till it become success

need a hard work. Better if we want to judge the succession of the curriculum that already use we

need at least 9 years, because we will know the curriculum success when they already work to

manage his life and our country, then we will able to recreate and fix the elder curriculum.

Out of there, the simple ideas that I have is to experimented kid that they will take a part to a new

kind of schooling program. There if we use a normal program that takes a long time to be able work.

How if we use kids that usually takes from the elementary school? May it is takes that already finish

the third level where the age among 8-10 years old. That I feel when sitting in fourth level, the

material is already became complicate and not specific. This imagine me to try to aim them to jump

to the materials that already contain the work specify like farmer, science, or may be pharmacy.

There do not need to scare if they do not know like to what materials, but as walk as it is, they will

realize to where they suppose to be stay. In this experimented school, they would not learn out of

the materials that contain the different subject, like if he takes an agriculture subject they would not

ever to touch deeply about what is the technology works. May be it is looks so skeptic, but if it use till

they are in secondary high school.

For the first experiment, may we able to take the agriculture materials that very simple exactly for

farming. As we know, much of farming just an elementary school graduates. So, it would be better if

their get the great knowledge about it when they are stay in elementary school, because it what will

they do after that. I support them to do it, because, that what we need first they must be able to

read first that the aim when they study in elementary. Then when they are graduated, they would be

enrich they capability in the agriculture then they that just graduate from the university that known

only about the theory.

After apply their experiment, search, and being the expert in the agriculture (for the practice) they

still able to continue their study formally, this is supported by our government that stand for the

equivalent test to continuing the study by “kejar paket A, B, C”.

That is my imagination and my aim to make a better Indonesia. What about your aim and you want

do to make it better? To make it better, we should have a great imagination and aim to realize it, and

that is all is step by small thing first and goes to the bigger one. So the last question “What I can do

as Student to Change the World?”


Susilo, M. Joko. 2007. Pembodohan Siswa Tersistematis.Yogyakarta: Penerbit Pinus.





pada Simposium Nasional 2007 Pusat Penelitian Kebijakan dan Inovasi Pendidikn, Badan

Penelitian dan Pengembangan, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional Republika Indonesia,

25-26 Juli 2007)


1. Institution : Institut Teknologi Telkom

2. Faculty : Elektronika Subject : Teknik Telekomunikasi

3. Address : Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1, terusan buahbatu, Bandung

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