The Create of Future With New Revolution

The Create of Future With New Revolution

By: Mohammad Takdir Ilahi

Future is an situation choice which we was creating. First of all, we take a grip on later, and then create dream at heart and mind. After that, realizing through real action in the field.

The dream to create of future is a undoubtedly for student. As young generation, student have duty and responsibility in developing civilization of world and to improve self potency and efficiency expanding.

Efficiency in envisioning of the future is represent God godsend for every human being. But, sometimes we unable to use ability in creating of the future and change civilization of world with many expectation. Although, imagining to the future can become the first step to reach ideal aspiration.

We know Soekarno is big leader of this nation have been ever said in “

the world of mine “, that he envision to come in contact with big leaders from various nation in this world. Soekarno look after its dream at heart and mind, so that in the end he has become first president of this country and meet direct with leaders in this world

According to Albert Schweitzer, “tragedy in life is not our death, but dead things”. Its meaning, if life us don’t have dream and look after the dream, So that’s dead in life. We have to have ideal goals to enter ” the world of nine”, natural world of creature, unlimited imagination world or dream world. As student, we have to bravery in specifying an life dream, so that can create the future without

resistance. When dream have been created, so opportunity to create of the future can be applicated.

The Power of Heart

We have to know, world have attended history fact that successful people, innovator of life, and exelent persons is people who comprehend spirit alone. How strength of heart can lead someone toward supremacy and successfulness to change of the world? Therefore, we have to study story successfulness prophet of Muhammad. We cannot conceive, how if only at the time Muhammad don’t recognize its heart disire and believe planted values at the heart.

Perhaps, we will not witness supremacy of self values and his leadership. This because, supremacy potency and magnificence might will not expand like this time.

By believing values in self and, nowadays history have noted his leadership to change life human being. Even, its leadership have been able to change world become gloriously. Again, we have to learn for his leadership in developing civilization of world.

How also with Budha Gautama if only don’t know his self? How if at the time, Budha Gautama don’t believe its own desire to create of the future history and life of human being? Possibly this time, history will not note planted new values at the heart. History even also will not recall wisdom values which was developed in life.

And so what is done by Mahatma of Gandhi whice more believing of new values in self compared to influence of others. Perhaps, planted new values in soul, bravery and struggle in freeing its nation from oppressed and pressure, will never be registered in history civilization of human being.

Become Creator To the Future Alone

Mastering future to change face civilization of the world can began overbearingly ownself. There is no human being able to win future without doing “inner journey”. At the time of someone trace into self and place self at “zero paradigm”, our spirit in fact the full of remarkable supremacy and potency.

How in fact step to dominate and create future alone in order to change of the world and civilization of human being life. At least, there is four step which must be done by the rising generation to realize expectation and dream.


, become researcher to do observation in situation and about around. Doing research and perception represent step which must pass by someone in altering revolution and history live with understanding of to God and spirit

Nobody successful in life without have recognized spirit alone better. They a success is people who comprehend it’s self, can lead own life, and also ever do “inner journey”, exploring into it’s self.

The second,

finding The Best of Me. William Ellery Channing said that “Is every body destined to have each character, becoming one who not possible to come up to quickly by others”. At mean, each individual have talent, character, and skill which not possible is equal to the others. This is universal difference which become blessing to is devoted of human being life.

When strarting journey to find best in it’s self (

finding the best of me), perhaps we will surprised to be marveled, and even will never anticipate what a really worthing this life him. If us wish to dominate and create future alone, so we have to effort to find something the best in our self “finding the best of me “.

The third

, Innovation shape self potention. At the time of strarting life in this world, God give grant from above in the form of physical potention, intellectual intellegence, emotional, and spiritual which don’t have by other being. In consequence, sharpening self potency in so many opportunity can become strength of the person. This is “self of management”, namely ability manage various self potention, sharpening efficiency, and using to create the future for the shake of altering face civilization of bleak world, so that bear the spirit of and high motivation in fighting for life duty in this world.

The fourth,

become creator to the future of by self. When we have recognized spirit and find best potency in our self, so opportunity to create future will be wide open progressively. Therefore, as young generation, we have to take chosen future matching with ability and efficiency of each us.

Life have attended many human being capable to bear masterwork and have marvellous past history. World recognize Mahatma Ghandi, Imam Al-Ghazali, Budha Gautama, Nelson Mandela, and others. They are leader a world of owning orientation live far forwards fully supremacy. They attend by influencing history civilization of world and become inspirator to civilization building in future.

The last, I cite word of Albert Schweitzer, that biggest finding of the rising generation is one who earn to alter their life by singing different tune to bounce them.


1. Institution: UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta
2. Faculty: Ushuluddin Subject: Mahasiswa
3. Address: Jl. Marsda Adisucipto- Yogyakarta 55281
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