My Role as Biology Student in Improved on Indonesia and The World Environment Quality

My Role as Biology Student in Improved on Indonesia and The World Environment Quality

By Saevul Amri

One of the main problem to give audience to human in the whole world is environment damage problem. For muddle through the problem, needful collective effort by whole body included student. I am as student try to muddle through the problem with study hard, apply my knowledge in society, and control environment, society, and nation condition.

  1. The World Environment Status

The world be in the process of facing huge danger in consequence of human activity that unfriend to environment. With human population that more increase and high their egoism, human use nature resource until overshadow boundary threshold and throw residue or waste from human activity to the earth and more serious environment damage condition. Some of human activity that impact to environment damage is using undegradable material such as plastic, throwing danger residue or waste to the earth, mining in land, monoculture plantation such as oil palm, denudation of forest, and using fossil fuel excessive.

Nondegradable material such as plastic in multiduses in buried under land will be source of soil environment damage and impact to nutrient cycle and plant include agriculture plant. Human with multiple activities produce waste in any where and also produce harm waste that throw away without process so that damage environment such as some died fish in water. Mining activity can disadvantage more of advantage because soil residual from mining can not using anywhere. Monoculture plantation (one species) cause not all plant be grown so that disturb ecosystem equilibrium, nutrient cycle, and the early impact to human. Expansion of monoculture plantation such as oil palm will be main deforestation factor in Indonesia and Malaysia. Loss of million tress cause flood and landslide in some region in the world. Beside that, with loss of trees so that amount carbon dioxide will be increase in atmosfer and become one of the factor global warming.

Human Activity other is using fossil fuel for motor cycle and industries. This can be main factor of global warming that impact to climate change. Global warming and climate change is running now, nonetheless some of human unconscious. The example danger of global warming and climate change is hot wave with 40oC in Prancis on August 2003 which killed 11.435 people, As long as 100 last year a half of amount ice in Kaukasus Mountain was liquid, a third of beach swamp in game preserve Chesapeake gulf was under water, explosion of plat desease in the world, flood in some of country in the world was died hundreds of thousand people as impact of weather change, and dryness in the world because of El Nino which impact to seed and harvest time so that cause starvation and human prosperity.

Environment status is more damaged and any huge danger will be more threaten such as global warming. This don’t be let continuous. Needfull collective effort to improve Indonesia and the world environment quality. Student as intellectual community, society as implementer of  life activities, and government as regulator need to improve them quality and play along one other in create good environment.

  1. Biology and Using in improve environment

Biology is science that study all about the living, either microorganism, organism, population, community, or ecosystem. Biology can role in improve environment quality. Undegradale material which used now need to go over with degradable material that same benefit relatively. Innovation in biology and technology were success to make bioplastic which function as plastic substance.  Bioplastic can be degradable more easy so that don’t  disturb environment. The bioplastic research need to increase again so that more high quality and cheaper. Dangerous waste which outcome from human activities can be make no dangerous with waste processing system include biology process with microorganism and fitorediator. Nonproductive soil as impact of mining can be make fertile land again with microorganism treatment, fitoremidiator, and plant nitrogent fixing. Nevertheles, this research to improve soil quality need to increase because not optimal. By biology science can be known that monoculture plantation will be make ecosystem equilibrium disturbed. It`s will be disadvantage for human.

Global warming which one factor of the main problem in the world need to be minimization of impact. Research in biology is expending to make pro-environment products such as bioethanol and bioplastic. Beside that, to protect living think from deseases because global warming doing research abaut substance can give resistance from attack. Research abaut plant function be more a means with found million function of plant for human, include medical.

  1. My role as biology student in improve environment quality

I am as student can`t live restfully in bad environment condition. I am trying to participate in improve Indonesia and the world environment quality by various efforts. The efforts are       study hard so that I can understanding abaut global ecosystem and can find innovations to save the world, to make society conscious of environment damage and to give applicative solution, and contoll government policy and business activities in environment. To support that efforts, beside study, I have or will be active role in student and society organization either campus or national range.

Indonesia which archipelago island will be face the greatest threat. That is global warming. Global warming can impact island be sink, floods in some region, and attack of various deseases.  As mitigation effort from the disaster, I am as student to call out to plant trees, strong punishment for illegal forest logger, to plant mangrove in seashore for across huge wave and protect fish habitat, to suggest farming or plantation with tumpang sari system, to call out and to give example to save fuel.

Through biology that I studied, I can analysis impact of human activities to environment, dangerous of nonequilibrium or environment damage and this impact to people, and understanding function of microorganism and plant in improve environment quality. By limited science that I have, I effort to said my knowledge to society, country, and the world by multiple activities such as my opinions about environment in webblog and lead all biology student in Indonesia to participate in improve environment condition. Some of my activities are regreening in amount region in Indonesia, doing training waste processing, doing national seminar abaut global warming and biodiversity, and doing peace action to make society conscious abaut environment.

Human activities to reach prosperity will not free from environment, economic, and society. Human activities oftentimes not be include economic value from disadvantage because environment damage. That for, biology student role to give economic value from disadvantage of environment as impact of human activities. If this economic value be include in economic calculation of project, the project will be can to run or be stop.

Remember that government is instante that the most be responsible for country policy in human activities, economic activities, and environment quality, so that I am as student participate to control and watch out the government policy. If any government policy was support environment damage, I would be doing discution with some experts in that area and would be say the fact to public and government. Corruption problem also related with environment damage. It is because master of government corruptible so that they don’t anything to fighting against illegal logging and give permission of activities which disadvantage. Because of that, I am as student participate in fighting against corruption in my campus and in Indonesia.

Effort to improve environment quality don’t enough my self. That for, I invite my friends to participate in this effort. Beside that, I also introduce environment condition for elementary student. I will more participate again. I hope with my role can be snow ball in improve Indonesia and the world environment quality.

Environment damage is really and attack human life,

    Human cause damage, so human have to improve

    Now, don’t disturb because disadvantage,

Nothing religion that permit to disturb,

Likewish Islam …

And dont you disturb in earth. In truth, Allah not love to people that doing disturbance

(Al-Qashas : 77)


1. Institution : Gadjah Mada University

2. Faculty : Biology     Subject : Biology

3. Address : Jl. Teknika Selatan Sekip Utara Yogyakarta  Postal Code : 55281 D.I. Yogyakarta  Indonesia

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