Create Your Self To Change The World

Create Your Self To Change The World

By Anita Hadi Saputri


Many people try to change the world, some of them are can, but most can’t. Some promise a good chance, we know like Einstein, Thomas Alpha Edison or George Washington. But the other make a sickness through their change, someone like Hitler may be. So, we can see that not all the change make the world better, which one can make the world better? And, who want to take this chance to be a hero?

Student is the most save status, people said. They will not be called as a jobless if they do nothing. Cover under their status, they can create an event to make them fun followed a statement “To Make a Better Generation”. They also can say, “I have a lot of paper to homework” when the other ask about their caring. In the other hand, they say “I am still young” to get much time for having fun in their spare time. Don’t be student like that!

A student should be an agent of change, a better change of course. Student in a collage get more knowledge than the other, and people hope they can make a different. So, will a student take this challenge? What can students do to change the world?


Create Your Self

Want to change the world? Start with change yourself! An ancient poem say like that, and it can be true. To make a change, student must change them self first. They can start with know about who they are? They must make an evaluation to know the angel and the evil side in their heart, evaluate their habit, strange, sickness and every detail of themselves. Don’t scared to be honest.

For this process, join some training motivation or read a book about finding the way you are can help students. For student that interest in writing, they can make an article, and can find much clues to know who they are easily.

After this process student can get more information by themselves, and they are ready to create the new person, better of course. Save your good side, and try to lossing your bad side. Get a model to create the new you, but remember, he/she just a model, you can’t do anything to be the real him/her. Just give the model a position as your guide to make a change. Take his/her good attitude and make a new behavior in your life from your model.

Ready to Change the World?

The next step to change the world is a decision to be an agent of change, make a promise with yourself to be a hero, just a little step, but it is very important. Student must trust to themselves that they can do this. You can, if you think you can.

From the evaluation process in the beginning, student can also know about their potention. What they love most, and what the best they can do. Students who love riding a bike can try to make a research about bio-transportation to solve global warming problem. Other that love writing can make a book about war, the destruction and pain that it made, and who know it can stop the Palestine War. It’s all the power that can student make from knowing about themselves.

They Have Made a Change

They have been success is they are who do anything with their love. it’s not a chlice statement. Many proffetional say taht dream is the key to get success. Ok, it’s not wrong, dream is an important part to get success. Another part that hardlly remembered is love and concistency, both more dificult exactly.

Dream is the real form from someone’s love about something, the goals and destination in someone’s life. Dream is not always a great things, it can be a simple one, just an aim that can make someone happy. Still remember about “create your self”? List of every detail about ourself can reallly help everyone to faind their dream. In that process, everyone include student can take the most important part from their life taht they love to make it a dream, something that they want to reach, a dream.

I’ll cross the stream… I have a dream… (I Have a Dream)

Everyone can do anything for their love. One more again it’s not a chlice statement. Ok, if other say that a clice statement, it just because that complex felling, sense and every effect from that canfused situation just define in one phrase, “love”

Love not only define in relationship in person to person, moreover in this review, love can define as loving our dream. Loving our own dream is the strangest intent to change the world. So, how about the rule? How we can Love a dream is an easy thing. If someone begin to feel something that make him/her sure to do something totally, it can be love. Just make sure that you are in right way to reach something that you wanted. Love is begin when someone decide to loving.

Concistency, it may be the most difficult part to change the world. Many book give some technique to keep someone’s concistency. For example Quantum Ikhlas give four step, relaksation, afirmation, visualisation and sincere. But we must considered that not all people can do that technique as well as the writer do. So, bac to the first part, find it by yourself. It’s ok to foolof that suggest, but everyone must remember, it’s not an absolute.

Just Remind You

It seem easy to change the world, isn’t it? But Because that reason, many people is not challanged enough and get bored in taht serious mission. Dilligently is the another key. All process need a long time, dut when someone make a decission to give contribution, it can be great.

Every process recomended is not an absolute too, just a little map taht may be can help someone to success and begin to change the world. The last step is invite the other to walk on the same way., and the change not just a dream.


A little map to change the world are : begin to make a research about yourself and create the new you, find your dream, love it and decide to reach it, be concistence, the last, invite other people to walk on the same way as your own.


1. Institution : Diponegoro University

2. Faculty : Engineering    Subject : Chemical Engineering

3. Address : Jl Prof Soedarto Semarang

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