People live in the world was foredoomed God as social’s creature. Although we can not be disowned that people have rights on his behalf as a individual people, but people can not escape of in the presence men at its vicinity. Man as discreet creature and “get feel” need love and affection from others.

Is human liabilities to give  attention or care to its humanity,know or unknown, near or far. Can not be imaged how if mans at a hemisphere do not care to mans at other hemisphere. will there are many happen difference here. On the one side, the rich states ’joy ride’ on his life, on the other hand the poor states and less developed must work hard to can withstand life. therefore, there need human readiness for working equal to another individual after most composes it balance at this world, of aspect facet whichever.

The God create man with giving excess and lack for each. By marks the individual differences not thing which impossible to equal perception about how man sees another man at this world  that most composes it tranquility even we know that no even one something perfect as one are expected.  The man man can’t most dodge of fault. Therefore,there is no fault if  in everyone  increasing care to others.  Form of this care not shall ever point out material, but there is other way that it’s simpler other trick. With emotional support that is given on others, we hope diharapkan can make every body more comfort together with us.

In communication obviously everyone expect effective communication, so gets to be accepted and understood by others. The ability of listening is once of important things in the communication, interpersonal and also group. In one research by Rankin, he proved that largely time which had by adult is utilized to get communication, with portion greatesting to listens (45%), meanwhile for speaking (30%), read 16%, and writing 9%.  Thing oftentimes this the one so difficult to practice in day-to-day life because it concern altogether feel configurational someone which variably each other. But,it can be a habbits so forms personality that cares to humanity. Thus, too bad if activity listens this was ignored.

In theory, listening or learning talk while gets communication in contrast to hear. If in the process of hearing we just Jika dalam proses mendengar kita just confines to voice that audible (heard) only enough, therefore in the process of listening  we need attention concentration respondent and meaning of messages. Listening is an activity of hear with attention concentration, so we can understand and remember anything has already been listened (Suherman in Andayani, 2006).

According to one of theory interposed by Joseph A. De Vito in its book that gets title ”The Interpersonal Communication Book”, there is five stages in the process of listening:

  1. receiving, the process of listening begin since accept messages by communicant. Effort who can be done in stage this, for example:
    • putting full attention on good order verbal and also non verbal
    • minimalize emerging trouble, do the isolating the message
    • focus to communicator, not to whether something who wants to be passed on
    • avoid talk cut
  2. understanding, learning whether means by communicator, include thinking and emotion. A few things who can back up this step is:
    • linking information a new one accepted with what already been known previous
    • avoid estimation (judgement) before quite a understands order
    • ask while given by chance to get sharpness, if needs to ask for example
    • describing idea back / IDE already being understood by language and easy symbol recollected by communicant
  3. remembering, communicant builds to order already been listened previous deep a system perceivable and apprehended. Its trick for example:
    • identifying dicta send away for
    • brief in simpler format without ignores detail that important
    • repeat important concepts
  4. evaluating, can be done by:
    • understanding communicator viewpoint before speaking
    • positive thinking to communicator and order content
    • differentiate among fact with communicators personal opinion
    • avoid diffraction and think
  5. responding, ordinary response gave by communicant consisting of biphase, namely responds at the moment speaking communicator, as back channeling as word ’ yes ’, nod carries the wind, and other form that signs to order is accepted; response that made by communicator after is finished pass on order, usually responds it is more details and expressive. That this step happens effective, therefore tries to:
    • giving variatif response
    • express and emphasize support response on communicator
    • upfront on communicator

If the five process deep steps listen do that optimal, therefore attained result which more effective in gets communication.

Listen really is not as easy as hear, but can be settled by recognizes interferences in process to listen. severally behavioural one gets to constrain effectiveness in listens, amongst those:

    • wish to remember all fact
    • emotional
    • person that is asked out gets dislike communication that person so diffraction and think appearance
    • pose pretending to listen
    • loading dislike orders
    • more communicant a lot of speaking than learning
    • amusement syndrome on communicator

A great many scene which happens this the world is consequent from communication that don’t effective. As has already been known with, conflict and happening war since before until now so adverse parties whichever the interesting in it. They mutually attack and perceiving that they that right. Fact at field points out how Israel continually batter Palestinian more than a one month. They absolutely ignore hail of a variety that the world cleft Israel discontinue its attack. Can’t be imagined if all mankind at world it not responsive others. Maybe man remainedding to wait the world molder.

Base explanation upon, can be concluded that we also need notice that little things aim what do want to be reached will materialize. Listen others is incorrect one thing that subtracted noticed so not rare missperception  means from person that we asks out that communication. This also constitutes one of the ways little to render tranquility at environmentally our vicinity, also universalizes.


Andayani, Tri Rejeki. Menjadi Pendengar yang efektif. Semarang: Universitas Diponegoro


1. Institution : Undip University

2. Faculty : Psychology     Subject : 3.

Address : jl. Prof Sudharto Tembalang Semarang

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