Students as young generation are such potential human resources for doing many kind of effort in order to give contribution for our country. Students-themselves also are direct subject of education and education is the most important thing to make a reformation in every part of life. Education plays an important role in the progress of an individual’s mind and country. Ignorance and poverty are major speed-breakers in the swift developing country and can be overcome easily through education. One can’t call him/herself educated if he/she can read and write, get full marks in every subject. A person who is educated has a certain aura around him, of dignity and wisdom. If one are educated, he/she don’t need to abide by the facts that the book recites, or follow Aristotle’s philosophy. An educated person builds on the facts the book says and has his own philosophy. If one are educated, one can’t have a wrong philosophy. Education is everything. People are made aware of what is going on in the wide world and can understand these issues and take necessary measures. If people are educated, it is not difficult to find a job-keeping in mind the fact that no job is low. Education tames the astray mind, nurturing its capabilities the same way training builds a clever dog.

Education has an immense impact on the human society. One can safely assume that a person is not in the proper sense till he is educated. It trains the human mind to think and take the right decision. In other words, man becomes a rational animal when he is educated. The quality of human resource of a nation is easily judged by the number of literate population living in it. This is to say that education is a must if a nation aspires to achieve growth and development and more importantly sustain it. This may well explain the fact that rich and developed nations of the world have very high literacy rate and productive human resource. Keeping the importance of education in mind, the US Department of Education aims, for instance, to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. It also establishes policies regarding federal financial aid for education, and distributing as well as monitoring those funds. It also continuously strives to focus national attention on key educational issues and providing equal access to education. Besides the education in external factors — the cultural, geographic, political, social, economic, and technical influences that shape communities and countries — students also gain internal, personal insights. They learn about their own principles, preferences, tolerances, assumptions, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as the hallmarks of their own culture and country. Thus, an interesting benefit of educating students as global citizens is that they consider seriously, sometimes for the first time, their role as US citizens as well. Of course, that should be done by government in our country too.

Despite blaming the government due to the condition of our country, as student we must aware that we still can do a lots to support education in our country. When I was questioned “what will you do as student to change the world? Then, the answer is not just simply, ‘I’ll do my best’ but every student should be a “five star student”. Because I am a student, the easier thing that I can do is relate to education issues, though there are still s lot of thing that I can do in society. In my understanding the characteristics of five star student are:

  1. Long life learner

    As students involved in education process which relate to knowledge transfer, study is such a compulsory for them. But, nowadays most student just concern with their mark on examination, not about the knowledge. The result they aren’t study well even try to cheat during examination. We must realize that the most important thing that we will use in our society is knowledge not an examination mark.

    In fact, certain professionals like doctors and dentists, are obliged to follow mandatory lifelong learning. This is done so that they keep pace with all the research and development done in the medical field. These professionals not only needs to update themselves about these developments, but also learn new techniques of practice and perfect old ones. Learning about patient management and the delivery of care is rather a continuing process. Since these professionals, especially doctors have huge moral responsibility towards the patients and society in general, continuing education is a must for them. This the same way that me as a medical student must study continually to reach their goal. A good student not only study about one thing but they will try to study many thing in order to achieve a good life standard. Being a long life learner, it can lead us to make significant and important alteration in education moreover in our quality of life

  1. Good manager

    Every student should have the ability to be a good manager. Time management is the most important thing due to the activities of student. Many times college students have not had to manage their time efficiently  prior to college because they are bright and weren’t really challenged in high school.  The situation often changes in college because everyone who goes to college did well in high school but the full range of grades are assigned.  Some students who received A’s and B’s in high school are now receiving C’s and D’s in college.  Those receiving lower grades are probably no less capable than those receiving higher grades but often their study skills, including time management, are less effective. If we can identify with any part of the above paragraph, working on improving our time management may be beneficial to us. Besides, student can not only care about time management, but also other management, include life management. For example, money management, feeling management, relationship management etc. Money management can make us change the economic situation of our family, feeling management can help ourselves to avoid the risk of mental disorder and relationship management can help us to make a good networking.

  1. Team worker

    Team work is a joint action by 2 or more people’ or a group, in which each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group. Student who involved in such organization will practise how to work in a team. Thus, they will easily adapt when they face the real life in society. Human can not life solely, they will need each other. It may seem obvious that the most important knowledge required of team work in the area of student affairs/services should be a thorough knowledge of the students with whom they work. Since students are the raison d’être for higher education, a thorough knowledge of the composition and characteristics (demographics) of the student population, the broad diversity, their expectations and satisfaction, their psycho-social/physical development, as well as their behaviour and motivation is crucial in ensuring the development and administration of the programmes necessary to promote student success. In a word, student affairs and services staff members are required to be, or at least become (along with their faculty partners), the campus experts on knowledge and understanding about students and their development.  Through careful analysis of existing data, the staff needs to develop a comprehensive and accurate socio-cultural picture of their student population, identifying inadequate or missing information elements so that they can initiate appropriate action and inform campus administrators, faculty, student leaders, and government officials of the nature of the student body. Although work in this area readily gives staff a feel for students needs and wants – a sort of phenomenological understanding – it is crucial that scientific instruments and methods be used to supplement this view and provide a wider sociological perspective of the student body. In this sense, surveys, focus groups and panels provide, among others, the appropriate context to better understand the data on the student population as opposed to individual students.

  1. Agent of movement

    Calling for reform, follow us! Calling for succession, follow us! No need to doubt, friends, just hold our hands. Ever onward, we will win! That was one of the most popular chants yelled by students during the 1998 movement. It has been four years since the student movement in 1998 successfully brought Soeharto down from power. It was unpredicted, even unexpected, that Soeharto could be toppled by such a movement. Similar previous movements and political attempts to bring him down from power had never been successful. For more than 30 years, Soeharto had built a system that generated some kind of shield that protected against any disturbances to his power. But May 21, 1998, was the last day he was in power. The drama of the student movement that began in late 1997 and early 1998 culminated in mid-May 1998. The death of four Trisakti University students in Jakarta, followed by a citywide racial riot, were the turning points. In the following weeks, thousands of students occupied the House of Representatives, calling for the impeachment of Soeharto. But Soeharto, without waiting for the legislature to impeach him, announced his resignation as president ( Jakarta Post, 2008).

    Undoubtedly, the student movement was one of the most, if not the most, influential aspects in bringing Soeharto down from power.

    But it is also a fact that the 1998 student movement only succeeded in forcing Soeharto to step down. The movement did not topple the New Order regime totally. Many actors of that era still survive on the current political stage. But more importantly, the movement was not able completely to transform the system and paradigm of the New Order. The current system inherited many things from the past that were supposed to be corrected. For example, corruption continues, and is even getting worse. In other words, the 1998 movement was unable to bring about a complete revolution.

    But actually the case obviously show us, student can do many thing which never imagined before. We have strong power but we must use it in a right place and a right way. Student movement are not identically with demonstration but there are a lot of thing that we can do. For example: supporting global warming campaign, we must believe that though our environment is destroyed by man-made we still have the opportunity to change that all. We can influence people step by step to aware of environment.

  1. Good character

    It is obviously that student with good character can change the condition of education in our country. The most important character is responsibility, student responsibility is the key to all development and learning. Research has demonstrated that college outcomes are tied to the effort that students put into their work and the degree to which they are involved with their studies and campus life. Irresponsible students diminish our collective academic life. Within an individual classroom, the behaviour of even a few highly irresponsible students or, worse, a large number of passive, disaffected students can drag a class down to its lowest common denominator. For an institution, the erosion of an academic ethos can lead to a culture that is stagnant, divisive, and anti-intellectual. As students grow in a good character development it will easily change the perception of other people to them in result people will accept our ideas without underestimate us.

That all about five star student. And lets try to be a five star student to change the world!

With scholarship, one may subdue savants in court;

Born a king, one might rule over an Empire;

One may lavish gifts of gold;

One might be able to count all the stars in the sky;

One might be able to enumerate all the living species;

One may master all the eight forms of knowledge;

One may even land on the moon;

Faith and strong believe will become our power to make all of impossible things become a possible ones.



2. Faculty : MEDICINE    Subject : S1 DOCTOR

3. Address : JL. PROF DR MOESTOPO Surabaya

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