By Yuliana Sari

# Introduce (About My family And I)

Nowadays, alhamdulillah I can study in Tadulako University Palu already 1,5 years or have finished 3 semesters and enter the fourth semester, in Faculty of Teaching and Science Education (FKIP), Study Program of Physics Education. Yes, see clearly that I want to be a Teacher of Physics, with get title of Sarjana Pendidikan (S.Pd).

Blessing Achievement and my good notification value from my school, I can study into the the university with band select Achievement Enthusiasm and Talent (PMDK) without following similar tes-tes [of] SPMB and is other. So that I am only need at the least Rp.2.000.000,00 to pay for registration fee to that university.

My Father ever said that, “You are the only my daughter, who pay for money of registration expense to university with your own money”.

He said like that at me, because during me got achievement scholarships in a period of Junior High School until Senior High School, my money of scholarships I lend to my parents to defray requirement (our life of family). At that time, my Father always promise to to return my money, when he get money (portions) in some days later.

Of course I trust, pity and moved emotionally, and also comprehend that portion which Allah give from me, also represent portion for my parents or family. That’s why, when my Father pay for the expense of registration, my father felt already paid his debt (his promise) to me and mean I already paid it with my own money.

This problem often happens many times in life of my family, and adult progressively also understand the situation of my family. Alhamdulillah, though did utmost ahead with life wheel always rotates, my family’s chance sometimes above and sometimes under. How sorrowful my family and I are every considering or experiencing of adversity with fiscal (weak economy) in our life. But, along sorrow draw near us, luck or bliss from The Good even also close over adversity that we are experienceing. My family and I always get portion though just a little, we don’t know that earn from my scholarship or have prize from my effort win various competitions, neither competition performed by school part or society part. It’s make you how marvelous and respect, isn’t it?

# My Dreams and Hopefuls

I’m a dreamer and hoper girl so much, or crazy-hoper or dreamer. Without expectations and dreams, I shouldn’t had school as high as and during as like nowadays, shouldn’t got scholarships and achievements in school and campus. I trust and often experience many times, that by strarting something effort with expectations and dreams, Insya Allah (God willing) they be come true by balancing them with hard effort and pray, then surrender to The Our Creator (Allah).

My biggest aspiration is to make happy people around me, especially my parents. Successful stages or steps of that aspiration, I still think and effort until nowadays and later.

‘Dream of my career’, emmm…, actually I want to be a Child Doctor. Just because the expense of education can’t accounted on (responsibility) my parents, yeah… I didn’t force their ability and still there are other dreams are I wanna reach, it’s my hopeful. Today, after I’m adult, I’m newly mind to become a Teacher. Anyway both of professions (Doctor and Teacher) are the same work that their charitable and reward are so big and praised in society’s eyes and of course so special in the eyes of Allah SWT.

I have dream and of course cope all out to become a teacher with complex knowledge which I have. Because, being a teacher, Insya Allah ‘Teacher of Physics’. Not possible I know about Physics only. Because to comprehend the science by the way of improve and full of steadiness, I have to master other sciences; like science adding my belief in God that creates universe along with its contents; all about Mathematics; some of Chemistry and Biology; most of English and Indonesia Language; domination of technological study media as like Computer Science and access Internet; Historical of Physics, and also the good procedures to starting and running study technique or method to all our students, later. Because nowadays is very requiring some excellent candidates of teacher who eclectic or knowledgeable, professional in working and responsible, and also have glory behavior, by Indonesian nation. Even, the people in all clefts of world are very expect present of them. So that, all layers of society in world become human beings of literately, educated, glory behavior and men who able alter the world to better future on all fields, of course bless there are existence of all the super educators, with have some criterions are mention above.

# Hopeful, There are Reparations to Paradigm System and Way of Life of Indonesian

I assume, students (especially students of university) always become element in struggle a nation, do not only exponent in wheel struggle of Indonesian nation history, but also as activator, even become giver of decisions. Movement of students which always place their selves as agents of change with idealism and force moral they have. Without overruling norm, value, and system are take place into society, can not deny again that student during nowadays always occupy the most in front of place in a change the world, jacking up arbitrary of regimes for the shake of upholding truth values and justice, because student still have idealism which relative free from political vested interest, like dwelling place, profession and riches. So, that mentioned above are the our biggest aspiration and challenge as students in Indonesia.

“Hijra” (Arabic language) is movement of student that grow and expand in campus representing symbol of academic, freedom of have argument, do creation, and get freedom to communicate actively. When we conscious that campus is the second shares of all activist life, we have to try to develop ourselves (self-improvement) for the make expression and actualize. As student that feeling incomplete if our attribute do not fill maximally with a change of dynamics and romantic which good and useful for life continuity of our nation.

In clearness to gaze at situation of Indonesian nowadays will make us gloomy. Punched by multi dimension crisis, making us take a header, even as if in nadir point. And it is feeling that we don’t know will put down where our face, if given on the founder of our nation. today we look into the mirror as students able to see 38 million of people which screaming accept injustice from all “punggawa-punggawa” or officials of state, they (people) fling down sigh of sweat just for a mouthful eating. As connector of society’s tongue, students have to really is making a change. Change here not merely ordinary change, but also is change can remove the nature of injustice and arbitrary of blue blood to proletarian.

Independence to Indonesian is not again measured from statement or independence proclamation, but its size measure more to effort fill independence, with attitude and doing of self-supporting or independence, and develop it. If that we do not conduct, then we drop behind, thus our competitors will go forward

But, real correct that the all essence is return to student have to want develop enterpreunership soul. In this time as student, we have to aware and realize, there are many matters in this state must be straightened and repaired. Caring to state and commitment to destiny of nation in future had to be interpreted by student into positive things.

For the shake of taking care of existence of that attributes are we, activist student as agents of change and agent of modernization. Who again will to make a change except us?

One of the state can be made by an example of its successfulness is Japan. This Nation likely can be made an example about how effort to absorbt of think pattern and way of life from other nation can be start point to change of our nation .

Japan had been making its nation as absorber of think pattern and way of living from Western. Even because process like that there are mentioning Japan as the pupil of Western. Although like that, proved that step able bring Japan become state at the power of military and economics are proper to be reckoned.

To develop our country, Indonesia make for better direction, I believe that Indonesia require more clever generations. Because of that, education is an especial pillar must be built before accelerate to other fields. I wish for the movement have to be executed with renewal of education, especially push our nation to leave feudalism and place forward the way of logic. Renovation in the educational field to put into practice coincide with effort preserve traditional values, especially religious value and cultural of Eastern values. I sure will be proven later, Indonesia will become a nation is change so far forward but still place forward our step on our religion and culture. Do not like nowadays, almost of country in the world are being carried away into globalization current and negative influences from cultures of Western.

There is something to be said for Indonesia to be its country as pupil from other countries, because this step is a step in the right direction. However, the example models always need by any individual to head for direction certainly. If we have chosen correctly what will be follow and take by us for the progress of Indonesian, do not surprise if in a moment, our state will be more go forward than other states. Nevertheless exactly that thing is still become our dream and fantasy only. When will the moment happen? When again, if we as Indonesian, and especially as educated students which want start that thing the first of other people!

Like other nation, Indonesian also need conviction models if want to make a change. The conviction models such nowadays that’s great and more all kinds of them. Positive sides of any other nations can be take and apply with fixed filtering them, so that local culture and wisdom of Indonesia are not press and disappear.

Here important position, why are the transfer of think pattern and the way of life are become importantly. To become nation is go forward and great, Indonesia not requiring domination of technology in future only. Indonesia also requires society with think pattern and way of life like society in developed countries. Even, think pattern and way of life are the key to open future of Indonesian along with mastering of technology.

What can we transfer from society overseas to society of Indonesia? Its Answer is simple, that are everything have potency to bring society of Indonesia go to life more go forward and better.

As students of Indonesia, preferable can socialize read culture our society. Parents in a family preferable educate their children to fond of read everything good and useful books, government even also preferable give amenity and facility to their society to support reading culture so that the cultures walking better and continual.

But, we together with government also have an obligation to explain that nature and attitude people like working impetously, persistent, life healthy and regularly, emphasize education in society, open mind to know novelty, be inovatif with fixing preserve heritage cultures of our ancestor.

I will invite other people, and especially other students to must have opportunity to learn farther about clean culture, orderly and regular which apply in Indonesia, perceiving labor organization process of labours so that become strength of working classes strongly, and also can become agent of change to political life is more transparent with more powered society.

Its essence students of Indonesia have to change paradigm. If in the past and nowadays, conducted applying more at its result, so in future will coming its applying must be done more at its process.

Forwards have to be more emphasized at its process. How so that Japan for example, can masters robot technology which so sophisticated. Students of Indonesia when study overseas (in Japan) must can explain about background of the fact.

Suppose I can get higher education (Master of the same grade with S2 in Indonesia) abroad that having greatness in running its governance paradigm! I have a biggest dream that is playing the part of my function as student, or as change of change which can run the ways variously. For example writing the results from education I got in mass media, execute or apply them in smallest environment and convey them directly to society through various forums neither small or big forums. However, the best process from all of the processes is of course with applying them in smallest environment in order to become real example to Indonesian.

The changes mentioned above are surely will not walk swiftly. Possibly will be required long time, even very long old to be able to create better society Indonesia. Exactly because that, the change process must be do as soon as. There by, generation of Indonesian after this have chance to become better generation with better social life, because also had better think pattern and way of life.

We just a wait for the changes of role were done! Thus, on reputation of Indonesia, I am as a student of Indonesia partake share several announces to go to goodness and flame up spirit to all students, young people and society of Indonesia, for together learn and more learn, aware of responsibilities and potencies we have, and together create solidarity to change the situation of Indonesia even this world to better direction in all fields, either from wise governance system, and education system which mounting and flatten, and also prosperity for society to reach fair and prosperous. Amen!

# So, I’m Doing…

Of course as a student in Tadulako University Palu, first of all I will alter myself before alter the world. Altering the world is the biggest aspiration which quite difficult to reach unassisted from other students in the world. Because we can’t life alone, unassisted (nothing get help) from others. That’s utilizing of solidarity and friendship in our life.

First step I will do is become a diligent student. Because smart or clever people are not sure success and not sure can realize their expectations, if they are not diligent. Because, their intelegence wouldn’t sharpened or developed to become better again.

If we looking for a word “Rajin” on Big Dictionary of Indonesia Language, Rajin or in English is “diligent” interpreted as, 1) Like to work (learn, etc); impetous; strong in idea; seriously work; always try; 2) Frequently [of] times; rill; continuous.

I will cope to accustom even make that nature of diligent as my primary requirement. Diligent here that is diligent read and learn, diligent to do all activities at home and in campus, do religious activities and pray to reach luck and ‘keridhoan’ from Allah, help friend humanity and other people are getting adversity in going to kindliness, assist my parents at home, and experiencing all existing regulation either at home or in campus. And then, diligent follow or participate in some worthwhile activities for example be a participant of Physics Olympiad, either get present in the form of money, life experience, adding knowledge, adult of my attitude, or diligent braid reconciliation among friends humanity or other society.

One activity is becoming my hobby and I never overcome that is exploiting hotspot media (wireless) in campus with my mini laptop (notebook), to access free internet without having go to booth of internet (warnet) again. The Mini Laptop I have, I buy by credit from result of my scholarship which had won Essay Competition when I still study in Senior High School, two year ago. With surfing in illusory world, I look for interesting articles, accessing e-mail (electronic postcard), making my blog home (blogger), and merge into discussion forums online. Though it is true through illusory world (do not directly), but all we do are enough real and we really as a professional searcher of science. But, websites are not advantage, I do not like to see them so much, surely direct I closed its tab (website page), if do not intend already open that page. Because, pornoaction and pornography website are extremely can destroy mind of young people who not properly to see displays of them yet. Its back parts (the last), nowadays much of brain and behavior of adolescent progressively deteriorate. That’s our problem that we have to avoid as a student, the rising generation.

Good behavior is especial capital for me, to alter my mind pattern up at better. I start introspective of myself, diligent progressively pray (sholat) five times, wear dress and veil real correctly (syar’i) according to my religion teaching (Islam). And then, I try to enlarge the confidence in my religion teaching for going through and arrange my life up at better. Attitude or the way of life of Capitalism-Securalism and of Socialism-Communism are real two ways of life (paradigm) depart from my religion teaching. Because ought, religion is a confidence at the same time be an ideology able to arrange all our observance aspects to God and also all human being behaviour aspects in life, so that reaching a compatibility and balance go to real successfulness in final day (in eternity nature) later.

Successfulness in the world just a while and a play of drama, but all activities of drama are necessary a responsibility in final day of life. Try to get share become a good actor or actress (protagonist), so that all audiences like or happy to see that our appearance of drama onstage this life.

As student, of course we need a long phase to alter our world. Maybe, its early step is altering the view or way of life and giving coloration for the world of education in Indonesia (that always) wish can in the direction of better target than before.

Supposing in Indonesia have much students who have multi-talents, achievements and high activity ethos, of course will be able to compete healthy with (among) pledge students from other expand nations. Altering even vanish statement and view of other nations about Indonesia, that Indonesia is represent impecunious state, weaken and owning young people who have less achievements. We have to strive and our all out as the rising generation from agent of change.

Because, I and other student in Indonesia still have the high spirit, super activity ethos and can alter the world go to better future, if do it by solidarity and full of togetherness. Awareness of the roles and optimal responsibility, also existing ability in young people are two kind of important matter, so running or realizing our fantasies and dreams become the real successfulness and gratify.

My fantasy during nowadays and my life, I can say and act to prove that I ‘m one of the so much students in Indonesia, to become a Agent of Change for the world go to better direction of course, just hopefully! Altering some negative views from other nations to Indonesia, becoming positive views, that “Students and young people of Indonesia also represent persons capable to act, can do useful something for society, even can better and be the most excellent students from other students of nations in the world!” That’s the biggest my expectation.


1. Institution : Tadulako University (UNTAD)

2. Faculty : Teaching and Education Science Subject : Physics Education

3. Address : Jl. Soekarno Hatta (Bumi Kaktus) Palu

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