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proudly we announce that our program, community of ‘Anak Bangsa Indonesia’ became community patnership for SEAforCHANGE movement form an international organization, Youth Asia, The Power of Collective Action.

Organization Youth Asia has spent the past 4 years organizing youth empowerment programs, building youth communities & helping government agencies, brands and businesses connect better to youths within the region. To date, it have produced over 200 youth research projects, 10 nationwide youth campaigns in Southeast Asian countries and 2
record-breaking youth festivals.

now we would like to invite you on our movement.

Riris Nurbintari
Program Manager


~ First Youth Engagement Summit (Yes 2009) Launched to Inspire SEA’s New Leaders ~

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10 September 2009 – Malaysia will host the inaugural Youth Engagement Summit (YES 2009) on the 16th & 17th of November 2009 at the world-class Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Kuala Lumpur. Themed “South East Asia Youth for CHANGE”, YES 2009 will be the first Summit of its kind in Asia, uniting an anticipated 6,000 youth representatives from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Brunei. The event will bring together some of the most motivational global change icons from around the world, who have generously pledged their commitment to help this new generation of young leaders to cope with, overcome, and rise above the many challenges of the 21st century.

A press conference was held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre today, to launch YES 2009, set to galvanize Southeast Asia’s young men and women by empowering them with an enhanced potential to responsibly steer the Region further along the fundamental paths of Peace, Progress, and Productivity. Members of the local, regional and international media gathered for this exciting preview of the upcoming event, which was moderated by former CNN news presenter and respected TV personality Lorraine Hahn.

It was announced that the landmark two-day event, expected to kick off with an Opening Address by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, features a superb line-up of speakers from various fields. These include Sir Bob Geldorf, the Founder of Live Aid; world chess legend Garry Kasparov; Biz Stone, co-founder of real-time, one-to-many online network Twitter; Nando Parado, whose survival of a tragic plane crash in the Andes became the basis for the critically acclaimed movie Alive; and Malaysia’s own Tony Fernandez, who pioneered the domestic and international low-cost carrier phenomenon in Asia by spearheading Air Asia and Air Asia X.

In order to further encourage and sustain the instilment of strategic creativity, critical thinking and other vital skills amongst the Region’s best and brightest. Additionally, ten of America’s most promising youth leaders have been invited to attend the event to gain new insights and take their impressions back to America.

According to organizing Chairman Harmandar Singh, advertising veteran and CEO of Regional publishing house Sledgehammer Communications (M) Sdn Bhd., it was President Obama’s inspirational “Yes, We Can” outlook which sparked the inception of YES 2009. “Everybody needs a hero, and President Obama’s charismatic approach has undeniably influenced a dynamic shift in long-held perceptions, particularly where Southeast Asia’s multi-ethnic youths are concerned,” commented Mr. Singh. “We must give our youth—bonded through their idealism and increasingly dedicated to sharing and eliciting opinions amongst their peers regardless of appearance, location or vocation—the right tools to define a direction for Change only fresh eyes can instigate,” he continued.

As part of the YES 2009 initiative, the organizer is attempting to rally the involvement of over 1,000,000 youths between the ages of 15 – 35 years, to share their thoughts by taking part in an online Youth Survey to produce the Sea For Change Youth Report. Participants can now take a proactive role in sharing their needs, motivations, expectations and ideas to the world at large, while guiding political and thought leaders in policy-making decisions plus inspire businesses to engage more effectively with the youth market. It is also an opportunity for participants to win over 500 trips to the Youth Engagement Summit 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, inclusive of return air flights, accommodation and delegate passes worth in excess of USD $2,500 each.

For more information, kindly log on to

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The Winner of ‘KOMPETISI 2009’

First Winner :Sri Hindriyastuti/UNDIP

Second Winner :Lizana Hariyanti/Univ. Mataram

Third Winner :

Agus Surachman/IPB

Andriyansyah/Univ. Langlangbuana

Titis Margiati/UGM

Khairul Faiz/Poltek Ujung Pandang


Ramdhani Wikusumah/Inst. Teknologi Telkom

Yenni Saputri/UGM

Dwi Yulianto Nugroho/Univ. Sanata Dharma

Kristanto Bagus Afandi/UGM

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People live in the world was foredoomed God as social’s creature. Although we can not be disowned that people have rights on his behalf as a individual people, but people can not escape of in the presence men at its vicinity. Man as discreet creature and “get feel” need love and affection from others.

Is human liabilities to give  attention or care to its humanity,know or unknown, near or far. Can not be imaged how if mans at a hemisphere do not care to mans at other hemisphere. will there are many happen difference here. On the one side, the rich states ’joy ride’ on his life, on the other hand the poor states and less developed must work hard to can withstand life. therefore, there need human readiness for working equal to another individual after most composes it balance at this world, of aspect facet whichever.

The God create man with giving excess and lack for each. By marks the individual differences not thing which impossible to equal perception about how man sees another man at this world  that most composes it tranquility even we know that no even one something perfect as one are expected.  The man man can’t most dodge of fault. Therefore,there is no fault if  in everyone  increasing care to others.  Form of this care not shall ever point out material, but there is other way that it’s simpler other trick. With emotional support that is given on others, we hope diharapkan can make every body more comfort together with us.

In communication obviously everyone expect effective communication, so gets to be accepted and understood by others. The ability of listening is once of important things in the communication, interpersonal and also group. In one research by Rankin, he proved that largely time which had by adult is utilized to get communication, with portion greatesting to listens (45%), meanwhile for speaking (30%), read 16%, and writing 9%.  Thing oftentimes this the one so difficult to practice in day-to-day life because it concern altogether feel configurational someone which variably each other. But,it can be a habbits so forms personality that cares to humanity. Thus, too bad if activity listens this was ignored.

In theory, listening or learning talk while gets communication in contrast to hear. If in the process of hearing we just Jika dalam proses mendengar kita just confines to voice that audible (heard) only enough, therefore in the process of listening  we need attention concentration respondent and meaning of messages. Listening is an activity of hear with attention concentration, so we can understand and remember anything has already been listened (Suherman in Andayani, 2006).

According to one of theory interposed by Joseph A. De Vito in its book that gets title ”The Interpersonal Communication Book”, there is five stages in the process of listening:

  1. receiving, the process of listening begin since accept messages by communicant. Effort who can be done in stage this, for example:
    • putting full attention on good order verbal and also non verbal
    • minimalize emerging trouble, do the isolating the message
    • focus to communicator, not to whether something who wants to be passed on
    • avoid talk cut
  2. understanding, learning whether means by communicator, include thinking and emotion. A few things who can back up this step is:
    • linking information a new one accepted with what already been known previous
    • avoid estimation (judgement) before quite a understands order
    • ask while given by chance to get sharpness, if needs to ask for example
    • describing idea back / IDE already being understood by language and easy symbol recollected by communicant
  3. remembering, communicant builds to order already been listened previous deep a system perceivable and apprehended. Its trick for example:
    • identifying dicta send away for
    • brief in simpler format without ignores detail that important
    • repeat important concepts
  4. evaluating, can be done by:
    • understanding communicator viewpoint before speaking
    • positive thinking to communicator and order content
    • differentiate among fact with communicators personal opinion
    • avoid diffraction and think
  5. responding, ordinary response gave by communicant consisting of biphase, namely responds at the moment speaking communicator, as back channeling as word ’ yes ’, nod carries the wind, and other form that signs to order is accepted; response that made by communicator after is finished pass on order, usually responds it is more details and expressive. That this step happens effective, therefore tries to:
    • giving variatif response
    • express and emphasize support response on communicator
    • upfront on communicator

If the five process deep steps listen do that optimal, therefore attained result which more effective in gets communication.

Listen really is not as easy as hear, but can be settled by recognizes interferences in process to listen. severally behavioural one gets to constrain effectiveness in listens, amongst those:

    • wish to remember all fact
    • emotional
    • person that is asked out gets dislike communication that person so diffraction and think appearance
    • pose pretending to listen
    • loading dislike orders
    • more communicant a lot of speaking than learning
    • amusement syndrome on communicator

A great many scene which happens this the world is consequent from communication that don’t effective. As has already been known with, conflict and happening war since before until now so adverse parties whichever the interesting in it. They mutually attack and perceiving that they that right. Fact at field points out how Israel continually batter Palestinian more than a one month. They absolutely ignore hail of a variety that the world cleft Israel discontinue its attack. Can’t be imagined if all mankind at world it not responsive others. Maybe man remainedding to wait the world molder.

Base explanation upon, can be concluded that we also need notice that little things aim what do want to be reached will materialize. Listen others is incorrect one thing that subtracted noticed so not rare missperception  means from person that we asks out that communication. This also constitutes one of the ways little to render tranquility at environmentally our vicinity, also universalizes.


Andayani, Tri Rejeki. Menjadi Pendengar yang efektif. Semarang: Universitas Diponegoro


1. Institution : Undip University

2. Faculty : Psychology     Subject : 3.

Address : jl. Prof Sudharto Tembalang Semarang

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Students as young generation are such potential human resources for doing many kind of effort in order to give contribution for our country. Students-themselves also are direct subject of education and education is the most important thing to make a reformation in every part of life. Education plays an important role in the progress of an individual’s mind and country. Ignorance and poverty are major speed-breakers in the swift developing country and can be overcome easily through education. One can’t call him/herself educated if he/she can read and write, get full marks in every subject. A person who is educated has a certain aura around him, of dignity and wisdom. If one are educated, he/she don’t need to abide by the facts that the book recites, or follow Aristotle’s philosophy. An educated person builds on the facts the book says and has his own philosophy. If one are educated, one can’t have a wrong philosophy. Education is everything. People are made aware of what is going on in the wide world and can understand these issues and take necessary measures. If people are educated, it is not difficult to find a job-keeping in mind the fact that no job is low. Education tames the astray mind, nurturing its capabilities the same way training builds a clever dog.

Education has an immense impact on the human society. One can safely assume that a person is not in the proper sense till he is educated. It trains the human mind to think and take the right decision. In other words, man becomes a rational animal when he is educated. The quality of human resource of a nation is easily judged by the number of literate population living in it. This is to say that education is a must if a nation aspires to achieve growth and development and more importantly sustain it. This may well explain the fact that rich and developed nations of the world have very high literacy rate and productive human resource. Keeping the importance of education in mind, the US Department of Education aims, for instance, to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. It also establishes policies regarding federal financial aid for education, and distributing as well as monitoring those funds. It also continuously strives to focus national attention on key educational issues and providing equal access to education. Besides the education in external factors — the cultural, geographic, political, social, economic, and technical influences that shape communities and countries — students also gain internal, personal insights. They learn about their own principles, preferences, tolerances, assumptions, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as the hallmarks of their own culture and country. Thus, an interesting benefit of educating students as global citizens is that they consider seriously, sometimes for the first time, their role as US citizens as well. Of course, that should be done by government in our country too.

Despite blaming the government due to the condition of our country, as student we must aware that we still can do a lots to support education in our country. When I was questioned “what will you do as student to change the world? Then, the answer is not just simply, ‘I’ll do my best’ but every student should be a “five star student”. Because I am a student, the easier thing that I can do is relate to education issues, though there are still s lot of thing that I can do in society. In my understanding the characteristics of five star student are:

  1. Long life learner

    As students involved in education process which relate to knowledge transfer, study is such a compulsory for them. But, nowadays most student just concern with their mark on examination, not about the knowledge. The result they aren’t study well even try to cheat during examination. We must realize that the most important thing that we will use in our society is knowledge not an examination mark.

    In fact, certain professionals like doctors and dentists, are obliged to follow mandatory lifelong learning. This is done so that they keep pace with all the research and development done in the medical field. These professionals not only needs to update themselves about these developments, but also learn new techniques of practice and perfect old ones. Learning about patient management and the delivery of care is rather a continuing process. Since these professionals, especially doctors have huge moral responsibility towards the patients and society in general, continuing education is a must for them. This the same way that me as a medical student must study continually to reach their goal. A good student not only study about one thing but they will try to study many thing in order to achieve a good life standard. Being a long life learner, it can lead us to make significant and important alteration in education moreover in our quality of life

  1. Good manager

    Every student should have the ability to be a good manager. Time management is the most important thing due to the activities of student. Many times college students have not had to manage their time efficiently  prior to college because they are bright and weren’t really challenged in high school.  The situation often changes in college because everyone who goes to college did well in high school but the full range of grades are assigned.  Some students who received A’s and B’s in high school are now receiving C’s and D’s in college.  Those receiving lower grades are probably no less capable than those receiving higher grades but often their study skills, including time management, are less effective. If we can identify with any part of the above paragraph, working on improving our time management may be beneficial to us. Besides, student can not only care about time management, but also other management, include life management. For example, money management, feeling management, relationship management etc. Money management can make us change the economic situation of our family, feeling management can help ourselves to avoid the risk of mental disorder and relationship management can help us to make a good networking.

  1. Team worker

    Team work is a joint action by 2 or more people’ or a group, in which each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group. Student who involved in such organization will practise how to work in a team. Thus, they will easily adapt when they face the real life in society. Human can not life solely, they will need each other. It may seem obvious that the most important knowledge required of team work in the area of student affairs/services should be a thorough knowledge of the students with whom they work. Since students are the raison d’être for higher education, a thorough knowledge of the composition and characteristics (demographics) of the student population, the broad diversity, their expectations and satisfaction, their psycho-social/physical development, as well as their behaviour and motivation is crucial in ensuring the development and administration of the programmes necessary to promote student success. In a word, student affairs and services staff members are required to be, or at least become (along with their faculty partners), the campus experts on knowledge and understanding about students and their development.  Through careful analysis of existing data, the staff needs to develop a comprehensive and accurate socio-cultural picture of their student population, identifying inadequate or missing information elements so that they can initiate appropriate action and inform campus administrators, faculty, student leaders, and government officials of the nature of the student body. Although work in this area readily gives staff a feel for students needs and wants – a sort of phenomenological understanding – it is crucial that scientific instruments and methods be used to supplement this view and provide a wider sociological perspective of the student body. In this sense, surveys, focus groups and panels provide, among others, the appropriate context to better understand the data on the student population as opposed to individual students.

  1. Agent of movement

    Calling for reform, follow us! Calling for succession, follow us! No need to doubt, friends, just hold our hands. Ever onward, we will win! That was one of the most popular chants yelled by students during the 1998 movement. It has been four years since the student movement in 1998 successfully brought Soeharto down from power. It was unpredicted, even unexpected, that Soeharto could be toppled by such a movement. Similar previous movements and political attempts to bring him down from power had never been successful. For more than 30 years, Soeharto had built a system that generated some kind of shield that protected against any disturbances to his power. But May 21, 1998, was the last day he was in power. The drama of the student movement that began in late 1997 and early 1998 culminated in mid-May 1998. The death of four Trisakti University students in Jakarta, followed by a citywide racial riot, were the turning points. In the following weeks, thousands of students occupied the House of Representatives, calling for the impeachment of Soeharto. But Soeharto, without waiting for the legislature to impeach him, announced his resignation as president ( Jakarta Post, 2008).

    Undoubtedly, the student movement was one of the most, if not the most, influential aspects in bringing Soeharto down from power.

    But it is also a fact that the 1998 student movement only succeeded in forcing Soeharto to step down. The movement did not topple the New Order regime totally. Many actors of that era still survive on the current political stage. But more importantly, the movement was not able completely to transform the system and paradigm of the New Order. The current system inherited many things from the past that were supposed to be corrected. For example, corruption continues, and is even getting worse. In other words, the 1998 movement was unable to bring about a complete revolution.

    But actually the case obviously show us, student can do many thing which never imagined before. We have strong power but we must use it in a right place and a right way. Student movement are not identically with demonstration but there are a lot of thing that we can do. For example: supporting global warming campaign, we must believe that though our environment is destroyed by man-made we still have the opportunity to change that all. We can influence people step by step to aware of environment.

  1. Good character

    It is obviously that student with good character can change the condition of education in our country. The most important character is responsibility, student responsibility is the key to all development and learning. Research has demonstrated that college outcomes are tied to the effort that students put into their work and the degree to which they are involved with their studies and campus life. Irresponsible students diminish our collective academic life. Within an individual classroom, the behaviour of even a few highly irresponsible students or, worse, a large number of passive, disaffected students can drag a class down to its lowest common denominator. For an institution, the erosion of an academic ethos can lead to a culture that is stagnant, divisive, and anti-intellectual. As students grow in a good character development it will easily change the perception of other people to them in result people will accept our ideas without underestimate us.

That all about five star student. And lets try to be a five star student to change the world!

With scholarship, one may subdue savants in court;

Born a king, one might rule over an Empire;

One may lavish gifts of gold;

One might be able to count all the stars in the sky;

One might be able to enumerate all the living species;

One may master all the eight forms of knowledge;

One may even land on the moon;

Faith and strong believe will become our power to make all of impossible things become a possible ones.



2. Faculty : MEDICINE    Subject : S1 DOCTOR

3. Address : JL. PROF DR MOESTOPO Surabaya

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The Create of Future With New Revolution

The Create of Future With New Revolution

By: Mohammad Takdir Ilahi

Future is an situation choice which we was creating. First of all, we take a grip on later, and then create dream at heart and mind. After that, realizing through real action in the field.

The dream to create of future is a undoubtedly for student. As young generation, student have duty and responsibility in developing civilization of world and to improve self potency and efficiency expanding.

Efficiency in envisioning of the future is represent God godsend for every human being. But, sometimes we unable to use ability in creating of the future and change civilization of world with many expectation. Although, imagining to the future can become the first step to reach ideal aspiration.

We know Soekarno is big leader of this nation have been ever said in “

the world of mine “, that he envision to come in contact with big leaders from various nation in this world. Soekarno look after its dream at heart and mind, so that in the end he has become first president of this country and meet direct with leaders in this world

According to Albert Schweitzer, “tragedy in life is not our death, but dead things”. Its meaning, if life us don’t have dream and look after the dream, So that’s dead in life. We have to have ideal goals to enter ” the world of nine”, natural world of creature, unlimited imagination world or dream world. As student, we have to bravery in specifying an life dream, so that can create the future without

resistance. When dream have been created, so opportunity to create of the future can be applicated.

The Power of Heart

We have to know, world have attended history fact that successful people, innovator of life, and exelent persons is people who comprehend spirit alone. How strength of heart can lead someone toward supremacy and successfulness to change of the world? Therefore, we have to study story successfulness prophet of Muhammad. We cannot conceive, how if only at the time Muhammad don’t recognize its heart disire and believe planted values at the heart.

Perhaps, we will not witness supremacy of self values and his leadership. This because, supremacy potency and magnificence might will not expand like this time.

By believing values in self and, nowadays history have noted his leadership to change life human being. Even, its leadership have been able to change world become gloriously. Again, we have to learn for his leadership in developing civilization of world.

How also with Budha Gautama if only don’t know his self? How if at the time, Budha Gautama don’t believe its own desire to create of the future history and life of human being? Possibly this time, history will not note planted new values at the heart. History even also will not recall wisdom values which was developed in life.

And so what is done by Mahatma of Gandhi whice more believing of new values in self compared to influence of others. Perhaps, planted new values in soul, bravery and struggle in freeing its nation from oppressed and pressure, will never be registered in history civilization of human being.

Become Creator To the Future Alone

Mastering future to change face civilization of the world can began overbearingly ownself. There is no human being able to win future without doing “inner journey”. At the time of someone trace into self and place self at “zero paradigm”, our spirit in fact the full of remarkable supremacy and potency.

How in fact step to dominate and create future alone in order to change of the world and civilization of human being life. At least, there is four step which must be done by the rising generation to realize expectation and dream.


, become researcher to do observation in situation and about around. Doing research and perception represent step which must pass by someone in altering revolution and history live with understanding of to God and spirit

Nobody successful in life without have recognized spirit alone better. They a success is people who comprehend it’s self, can lead own life, and also ever do “inner journey”, exploring into it’s self.

The second,

finding The Best of Me. William Ellery Channing said that “Is every body destined to have each character, becoming one who not possible to come up to quickly by others”. At mean, each individual have talent, character, and skill which not possible is equal to the others. This is universal difference which become blessing to is devoted of human being life.

When strarting journey to find best in it’s self (

finding the best of me), perhaps we will surprised to be marveled, and even will never anticipate what a really worthing this life him. If us wish to dominate and create future alone, so we have to effort to find something the best in our self “finding the best of me “.

The third

, Innovation shape self potention. At the time of strarting life in this world, God give grant from above in the form of physical potention, intellectual intellegence, emotional, and spiritual which don’t have by other being. In consequence, sharpening self potency in so many opportunity can become strength of the person. This is “self of management”, namely ability manage various self potention, sharpening efficiency, and using to create the future for the shake of altering face civilization of bleak world, so that bear the spirit of and high motivation in fighting for life duty in this world.

The fourth,

become creator to the future of by self. When we have recognized spirit and find best potency in our self, so opportunity to create future will be wide open progressively. Therefore, as young generation, we have to take chosen future matching with ability and efficiency of each us.

Life have attended many human being capable to bear masterwork and have marvellous past history. World recognize Mahatma Ghandi, Imam Al-Ghazali, Budha Gautama, Nelson Mandela, and others. They are leader a world of owning orientation live far forwards fully supremacy. They attend by influencing history civilization of world and become inspirator to civilization building in future.

The last, I cite word of Albert Schweitzer, that biggest finding of the rising generation is one who earn to alter their life by singing different tune to bounce them.


1. Institution: UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta
2. Faculty: Ushuluddin Subject: Mahasiswa
3. Address: Jl. Marsda Adisucipto- Yogyakarta 55281
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Create Your Self To Change The World

Create Your Self To Change The World

By Anita Hadi Saputri


Many people try to change the world, some of them are can, but most can’t. Some promise a good chance, we know like Einstein, Thomas Alpha Edison or George Washington. But the other make a sickness through their change, someone like Hitler may be. So, we can see that not all the change make the world better, which one can make the world better? And, who want to take this chance to be a hero?

Student is the most save status, people said. They will not be called as a jobless if they do nothing. Cover under their status, they can create an event to make them fun followed a statement “To Make a Better Generation”. They also can say, “I have a lot of paper to homework” when the other ask about their caring. In the other hand, they say “I am still young” to get much time for having fun in their spare time. Don’t be student like that!

A student should be an agent of change, a better change of course. Student in a collage get more knowledge than the other, and people hope they can make a different. So, will a student take this challenge? What can students do to change the world?


Create Your Self

Want to change the world? Start with change yourself! An ancient poem say like that, and it can be true. To make a change, student must change them self first. They can start with know about who they are? They must make an evaluation to know the angel and the evil side in their heart, evaluate their habit, strange, sickness and every detail of themselves. Don’t scared to be honest.

For this process, join some training motivation or read a book about finding the way you are can help students. For student that interest in writing, they can make an article, and can find much clues to know who they are easily.

After this process student can get more information by themselves, and they are ready to create the new person, better of course. Save your good side, and try to lossing your bad side. Get a model to create the new you, but remember, he/she just a model, you can’t do anything to be the real him/her. Just give the model a position as your guide to make a change. Take his/her good attitude and make a new behavior in your life from your model.

Ready to Change the World?

The next step to change the world is a decision to be an agent of change, make a promise with yourself to be a hero, just a little step, but it is very important. Student must trust to themselves that they can do this. You can, if you think you can.

From the evaluation process in the beginning, student can also know about their potention. What they love most, and what the best they can do. Students who love riding a bike can try to make a research about bio-transportation to solve global warming problem. Other that love writing can make a book about war, the destruction and pain that it made, and who know it can stop the Palestine War. It’s all the power that can student make from knowing about themselves.

They Have Made a Change

They have been success is they are who do anything with their love. it’s not a chlice statement. Many proffetional say taht dream is the key to get success. Ok, it’s not wrong, dream is an important part to get success. Another part that hardlly remembered is love and concistency, both more dificult exactly.

Dream is the real form from someone’s love about something, the goals and destination in someone’s life. Dream is not always a great things, it can be a simple one, just an aim that can make someone happy. Still remember about “create your self”? List of every detail about ourself can reallly help everyone to faind their dream. In that process, everyone include student can take the most important part from their life taht they love to make it a dream, something that they want to reach, a dream.

I’ll cross the stream… I have a dream… (I Have a Dream)

Everyone can do anything for their love. One more again it’s not a chlice statement. Ok, if other say that a clice statement, it just because that complex felling, sense and every effect from that canfused situation just define in one phrase, “love”

Love not only define in relationship in person to person, moreover in this review, love can define as loving our dream. Loving our own dream is the strangest intent to change the world. So, how about the rule? How we can Love a dream is an easy thing. If someone begin to feel something that make him/her sure to do something totally, it can be love. Just make sure that you are in right way to reach something that you wanted. Love is begin when someone decide to loving.

Concistency, it may be the most difficult part to change the world. Many book give some technique to keep someone’s concistency. For example Quantum Ikhlas give four step, relaksation, afirmation, visualisation and sincere. But we must considered that not all people can do that technique as well as the writer do. So, bac to the first part, find it by yourself. It’s ok to foolof that suggest, but everyone must remember, it’s not an absolute.

Just Remind You

It seem easy to change the world, isn’t it? But Because that reason, many people is not challanged enough and get bored in taht serious mission. Dilligently is the another key. All process need a long time, dut when someone make a decission to give contribution, it can be great.

Every process recomended is not an absolute too, just a little map taht may be can help someone to success and begin to change the world. The last step is invite the other to walk on the same way., and the change not just a dream.


A little map to change the world are : begin to make a research about yourself and create the new you, find your dream, love it and decide to reach it, be concistence, the last, invite other people to walk on the same way as your own.


1. Institution : Diponegoro University

2. Faculty : Engineering    Subject : Chemical Engineering

3. Address : Jl Prof Soedarto Semarang

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My Role as Biology Student in Improved on Indonesia and The World Environment Quality

My Role as Biology Student in Improved on Indonesia and The World Environment Quality

By Saevul Amri

One of the main problem to give audience to human in the whole world is environment damage problem. For muddle through the problem, needful collective effort by whole body included student. I am as student try to muddle through the problem with study hard, apply my knowledge in society, and control environment, society, and nation condition.

  1. The World Environment Status

The world be in the process of facing huge danger in consequence of human activity that unfriend to environment. With human population that more increase and high their egoism, human use nature resource until overshadow boundary threshold and throw residue or waste from human activity to the earth and more serious environment damage condition. Some of human activity that impact to environment damage is using undegradable material such as plastic, throwing danger residue or waste to the earth, mining in land, monoculture plantation such as oil palm, denudation of forest, and using fossil fuel excessive.

Nondegradable material such as plastic in multiduses in buried under land will be source of soil environment damage and impact to nutrient cycle and plant include agriculture plant. Human with multiple activities produce waste in any where and also produce harm waste that throw away without process so that damage environment such as some died fish in water. Mining activity can disadvantage more of advantage because soil residual from mining can not using anywhere. Monoculture plantation (one species) cause not all plant be grown so that disturb ecosystem equilibrium, nutrient cycle, and the early impact to human. Expansion of monoculture plantation such as oil palm will be main deforestation factor in Indonesia and Malaysia. Loss of million tress cause flood and landslide in some region in the world. Beside that, with loss of trees so that amount carbon dioxide will be increase in atmosfer and become one of the factor global warming.

Human Activity other is using fossil fuel for motor cycle and industries. This can be main factor of global warming that impact to climate change. Global warming and climate change is running now, nonetheless some of human unconscious. The example danger of global warming and climate change is hot wave with 40oC in Prancis on August 2003 which killed 11.435 people, As long as 100 last year a half of amount ice in Kaukasus Mountain was liquid, a third of beach swamp in game preserve Chesapeake gulf was under water, explosion of plat desease in the world, flood in some of country in the world was died hundreds of thousand people as impact of weather change, and dryness in the world because of El Nino which impact to seed and harvest time so that cause starvation and human prosperity.

Environment status is more damaged and any huge danger will be more threaten such as global warming. This don’t be let continuous. Needfull collective effort to improve Indonesia and the world environment quality. Student as intellectual community, society as implementer of  life activities, and government as regulator need to improve them quality and play along one other in create good environment.

  1. Biology and Using in improve environment

Biology is science that study all about the living, either microorganism, organism, population, community, or ecosystem. Biology can role in improve environment quality. Undegradale material which used now need to go over with degradable material that same benefit relatively. Innovation in biology and technology were success to make bioplastic which function as plastic substance.  Bioplastic can be degradable more easy so that don’t  disturb environment. The bioplastic research need to increase again so that more high quality and cheaper. Dangerous waste which outcome from human activities can be make no dangerous with waste processing system include biology process with microorganism and fitorediator. Nonproductive soil as impact of mining can be make fertile land again with microorganism treatment, fitoremidiator, and plant nitrogent fixing. Nevertheles, this research to improve soil quality need to increase because not optimal. By biology science can be known that monoculture plantation will be make ecosystem equilibrium disturbed. It`s will be disadvantage for human.

Global warming which one factor of the main problem in the world need to be minimization of impact. Research in biology is expending to make pro-environment products such as bioethanol and bioplastic. Beside that, to protect living think from deseases because global warming doing research abaut substance can give resistance from attack. Research abaut plant function be more a means with found million function of plant for human, include medical.

  1. My role as biology student in improve environment quality

I am as student can`t live restfully in bad environment condition. I am trying to participate in improve Indonesia and the world environment quality by various efforts. The efforts are       study hard so that I can understanding abaut global ecosystem and can find innovations to save the world, to make society conscious of environment damage and to give applicative solution, and contoll government policy and business activities in environment. To support that efforts, beside study, I have or will be active role in student and society organization either campus or national range.

Indonesia which archipelago island will be face the greatest threat. That is global warming. Global warming can impact island be sink, floods in some region, and attack of various deseases.  As mitigation effort from the disaster, I am as student to call out to plant trees, strong punishment for illegal forest logger, to plant mangrove in seashore for across huge wave and protect fish habitat, to suggest farming or plantation with tumpang sari system, to call out and to give example to save fuel.

Through biology that I studied, I can analysis impact of human activities to environment, dangerous of nonequilibrium or environment damage and this impact to people, and understanding function of microorganism and plant in improve environment quality. By limited science that I have, I effort to said my knowledge to society, country, and the world by multiple activities such as my opinions about environment in webblog and lead all biology student in Indonesia to participate in improve environment condition. Some of my activities are regreening in amount region in Indonesia, doing training waste processing, doing national seminar abaut global warming and biodiversity, and doing peace action to make society conscious abaut environment.

Human activities to reach prosperity will not free from environment, economic, and society. Human activities oftentimes not be include economic value from disadvantage because environment damage. That for, biology student role to give economic value from disadvantage of environment as impact of human activities. If this economic value be include in economic calculation of project, the project will be can to run or be stop.

Remember that government is instante that the most be responsible for country policy in human activities, economic activities, and environment quality, so that I am as student participate to control and watch out the government policy. If any government policy was support environment damage, I would be doing discution with some experts in that area and would be say the fact to public and government. Corruption problem also related with environment damage. It is because master of government corruptible so that they don’t anything to fighting against illegal logging and give permission of activities which disadvantage. Because of that, I am as student participate in fighting against corruption in my campus and in Indonesia.

Effort to improve environment quality don’t enough my self. That for, I invite my friends to participate in this effort. Beside that, I also introduce environment condition for elementary student. I will more participate again. I hope with my role can be snow ball in improve Indonesia and the world environment quality.

Environment damage is really and attack human life,

    Human cause damage, so human have to improve

    Now, don’t disturb because disadvantage,

Nothing religion that permit to disturb,

Likewish Islam …

And dont you disturb in earth. In truth, Allah not love to people that doing disturbance

(Al-Qashas : 77)


1. Institution : Gadjah Mada University

2. Faculty : Biology     Subject : Biology

3. Address : Jl. Teknika Selatan Sekip Utara Yogyakarta  Postal Code : 55281 D.I. Yogyakarta  Indonesia

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By Yuliana Sari

# Introduce (About My family And I)

Nowadays, alhamdulillah I can study in Tadulako University Palu already 1,5 years or have finished 3 semesters and enter the fourth semester, in Faculty of Teaching and Science Education (FKIP), Study Program of Physics Education. Yes, see clearly that I want to be a Teacher of Physics, with get title of Sarjana Pendidikan (S.Pd).

Blessing Achievement and my good notification value from my school, I can study into the the university with band select Achievement Enthusiasm and Talent (PMDK) without following similar tes-tes [of] SPMB and is other. So that I am only need at the least Rp.2.000.000,00 to pay for registration fee to that university.

My Father ever said that, “You are the only my daughter, who pay for money of registration expense to university with your own money”.

He said like that at me, because during me got achievement scholarships in a period of Junior High School until Senior High School, my money of scholarships I lend to my parents to defray requirement (our life of family). At that time, my Father always promise to to return my money, when he get money (portions) in some days later.

Of course I trust, pity and moved emotionally, and also comprehend that portion which Allah give from me, also represent portion for my parents or family. That’s why, when my Father pay for the expense of registration, my father felt already paid his debt (his promise) to me and mean I already paid it with my own money.

This problem often happens many times in life of my family, and adult progressively also understand the situation of my family. Alhamdulillah, though did utmost ahead with life wheel always rotates, my family’s chance sometimes above and sometimes under. How sorrowful my family and I are every considering or experiencing of adversity with fiscal (weak economy) in our life. But, along sorrow draw near us, luck or bliss from The Good even also close over adversity that we are experienceing. My family and I always get portion though just a little, we don’t know that earn from my scholarship or have prize from my effort win various competitions, neither competition performed by school part or society part. It’s make you how marvelous and respect, isn’t it?

# My Dreams and Hopefuls

I’m a dreamer and hoper girl so much, or crazy-hoper or dreamer. Without expectations and dreams, I shouldn’t had school as high as and during as like nowadays, shouldn’t got scholarships and achievements in school and campus. I trust and often experience many times, that by strarting something effort with expectations and dreams, Insya Allah (God willing) they be come true by balancing them with hard effort and pray, then surrender to The Our Creator (Allah).

My biggest aspiration is to make happy people around me, especially my parents. Successful stages or steps of that aspiration, I still think and effort until nowadays and later.

‘Dream of my career’, emmm…, actually I want to be a Child Doctor. Just because the expense of education can’t accounted on (responsibility) my parents, yeah… I didn’t force their ability and still there are other dreams are I wanna reach, it’s my hopeful. Today, after I’m adult, I’m newly mind to become a Teacher. Anyway both of professions (Doctor and Teacher) are the same work that their charitable and reward are so big and praised in society’s eyes and of course so special in the eyes of Allah SWT.

I have dream and of course cope all out to become a teacher with complex knowledge which I have. Because, being a teacher, Insya Allah ‘Teacher of Physics’. Not possible I know about Physics only. Because to comprehend the science by the way of improve and full of steadiness, I have to master other sciences; like science adding my belief in God that creates universe along with its contents; all about Mathematics; some of Chemistry and Biology; most of English and Indonesia Language; domination of technological study media as like Computer Science and access Internet; Historical of Physics, and also the good procedures to starting and running study technique or method to all our students, later. Because nowadays is very requiring some excellent candidates of teacher who eclectic or knowledgeable, professional in working and responsible, and also have glory behavior, by Indonesian nation. Even, the people in all clefts of world are very expect present of them. So that, all layers of society in world become human beings of literately, educated, glory behavior and men who able alter the world to better future on all fields, of course bless there are existence of all the super educators, with have some criterions are mention above.

# Hopeful, There are Reparations to Paradigm System and Way of Life of Indonesian

I assume, students (especially students of university) always become element in struggle a nation, do not only exponent in wheel struggle of Indonesian nation history, but also as activator, even become giver of decisions. Movement of students which always place their selves as agents of change with idealism and force moral they have. Without overruling norm, value, and system are take place into society, can not deny again that student during nowadays always occupy the most in front of place in a change the world, jacking up arbitrary of regimes for the shake of upholding truth values and justice, because student still have idealism which relative free from political vested interest, like dwelling place, profession and riches. So, that mentioned above are the our biggest aspiration and challenge as students in Indonesia.

“Hijra” (Arabic language) is movement of student that grow and expand in campus representing symbol of academic, freedom of have argument, do creation, and get freedom to communicate actively. When we conscious that campus is the second shares of all activist life, we have to try to develop ourselves (self-improvement) for the make expression and actualize. As student that feeling incomplete if our attribute do not fill maximally with a change of dynamics and romantic which good and useful for life continuity of our nation.

In clearness to gaze at situation of Indonesian nowadays will make us gloomy. Punched by multi dimension crisis, making us take a header, even as if in nadir point. And it is feeling that we don’t know will put down where our face, if given on the founder of our nation. today we look into the mirror as students able to see 38 million of people which screaming accept injustice from all “punggawa-punggawa” or officials of state, they (people) fling down sigh of sweat just for a mouthful eating. As connector of society’s tongue, students have to really is making a change. Change here not merely ordinary change, but also is change can remove the nature of injustice and arbitrary of blue blood to proletarian.

Independence to Indonesian is not again measured from statement or independence proclamation, but its size measure more to effort fill independence, with attitude and doing of self-supporting or independence, and develop it. If that we do not conduct, then we drop behind, thus our competitors will go forward

But, real correct that the all essence is return to student have to want develop enterpreunership soul. In this time as student, we have to aware and realize, there are many matters in this state must be straightened and repaired. Caring to state and commitment to destiny of nation in future had to be interpreted by student into positive things.

For the shake of taking care of existence of that attributes are we, activist student as agents of change and agent of modernization. Who again will to make a change except us?

One of the state can be made by an example of its successfulness is Japan. This Nation likely can be made an example about how effort to absorbt of think pattern and way of life from other nation can be start point to change of our nation .

Japan had been making its nation as absorber of think pattern and way of living from Western. Even because process like that there are mentioning Japan as the pupil of Western. Although like that, proved that step able bring Japan become state at the power of military and economics are proper to be reckoned.

To develop our country, Indonesia make for better direction, I believe that Indonesia require more clever generations. Because of that, education is an especial pillar must be built before accelerate to other fields. I wish for the movement have to be executed with renewal of education, especially push our nation to leave feudalism and place forward the way of logic. Renovation in the educational field to put into practice coincide with effort preserve traditional values, especially religious value and cultural of Eastern values. I sure will be proven later, Indonesia will become a nation is change so far forward but still place forward our step on our religion and culture. Do not like nowadays, almost of country in the world are being carried away into globalization current and negative influences from cultures of Western.

There is something to be said for Indonesia to be its country as pupil from other countries, because this step is a step in the right direction. However, the example models always need by any individual to head for direction certainly. If we have chosen correctly what will be follow and take by us for the progress of Indonesian, do not surprise if in a moment, our state will be more go forward than other states. Nevertheless exactly that thing is still become our dream and fantasy only. When will the moment happen? When again, if we as Indonesian, and especially as educated students which want start that thing the first of other people!

Like other nation, Indonesian also need conviction models if want to make a change. The conviction models such nowadays that’s great and more all kinds of them. Positive sides of any other nations can be take and apply with fixed filtering them, so that local culture and wisdom of Indonesia are not press and disappear.

Here important position, why are the transfer of think pattern and the way of life are become importantly. To become nation is go forward and great, Indonesia not requiring domination of technology in future only. Indonesia also requires society with think pattern and way of life like society in developed countries. Even, think pattern and way of life are the key to open future of Indonesian along with mastering of technology.

What can we transfer from society overseas to society of Indonesia? Its Answer is simple, that are everything have potency to bring society of Indonesia go to life more go forward and better.

As students of Indonesia, preferable can socialize read culture our society. Parents in a family preferable educate their children to fond of read everything good and useful books, government even also preferable give amenity and facility to their society to support reading culture so that the cultures walking better and continual.

But, we together with government also have an obligation to explain that nature and attitude people like working impetously, persistent, life healthy and regularly, emphasize education in society, open mind to know novelty, be inovatif with fixing preserve heritage cultures of our ancestor.

I will invite other people, and especially other students to must have opportunity to learn farther about clean culture, orderly and regular which apply in Indonesia, perceiving labor organization process of labours so that become strength of working classes strongly, and also can become agent of change to political life is more transparent with more powered society.

Its essence students of Indonesia have to change paradigm. If in the past and nowadays, conducted applying more at its result, so in future will coming its applying must be done more at its process.

Forwards have to be more emphasized at its process. How so that Japan for example, can masters robot technology which so sophisticated. Students of Indonesia when study overseas (in Japan) must can explain about background of the fact.

Suppose I can get higher education (Master of the same grade with S2 in Indonesia) abroad that having greatness in running its governance paradigm! I have a biggest dream that is playing the part of my function as student, or as change of change which can run the ways variously. For example writing the results from education I got in mass media, execute or apply them in smallest environment and convey them directly to society through various forums neither small or big forums. However, the best process from all of the processes is of course with applying them in smallest environment in order to become real example to Indonesian.

The changes mentioned above are surely will not walk swiftly. Possibly will be required long time, even very long old to be able to create better society Indonesia. Exactly because that, the change process must be do as soon as. There by, generation of Indonesian after this have chance to become better generation with better social life, because also had better think pattern and way of life.

We just a wait for the changes of role were done! Thus, on reputation of Indonesia, I am as a student of Indonesia partake share several announces to go to goodness and flame up spirit to all students, young people and society of Indonesia, for together learn and more learn, aware of responsibilities and potencies we have, and together create solidarity to change the situation of Indonesia even this world to better direction in all fields, either from wise governance system, and education system which mounting and flatten, and also prosperity for society to reach fair and prosperous. Amen!

# So, I’m Doing…

Of course as a student in Tadulako University Palu, first of all I will alter myself before alter the world. Altering the world is the biggest aspiration which quite difficult to reach unassisted from other students in the world. Because we can’t life alone, unassisted (nothing get help) from others. That’s utilizing of solidarity and friendship in our life.

First step I will do is become a diligent student. Because smart or clever people are not sure success and not sure can realize their expectations, if they are not diligent. Because, their intelegence wouldn’t sharpened or developed to become better again.

If we looking for a word “Rajin” on Big Dictionary of Indonesia Language, Rajin or in English is “diligent” interpreted as, 1) Like to work (learn, etc); impetous; strong in idea; seriously work; always try; 2) Frequently [of] times; rill; continuous.

I will cope to accustom even make that nature of diligent as my primary requirement. Diligent here that is diligent read and learn, diligent to do all activities at home and in campus, do religious activities and pray to reach luck and ‘keridhoan’ from Allah, help friend humanity and other people are getting adversity in going to kindliness, assist my parents at home, and experiencing all existing regulation either at home or in campus. And then, diligent follow or participate in some worthwhile activities for example be a participant of Physics Olympiad, either get present in the form of money, life experience, adding knowledge, adult of my attitude, or diligent braid reconciliation among friends humanity or other society.

One activity is becoming my hobby and I never overcome that is exploiting hotspot media (wireless) in campus with my mini laptop (notebook), to access free internet without having go to booth of internet (warnet) again. The Mini Laptop I have, I buy by credit from result of my scholarship which had won Essay Competition when I still study in Senior High School, two year ago. With surfing in illusory world, I look for interesting articles, accessing e-mail (electronic postcard), making my blog home (blogger), and merge into discussion forums online. Though it is true through illusory world (do not directly), but all we do are enough real and we really as a professional searcher of science. But, websites are not advantage, I do not like to see them so much, surely direct I closed its tab (website page), if do not intend already open that page. Because, pornoaction and pornography website are extremely can destroy mind of young people who not properly to see displays of them yet. Its back parts (the last), nowadays much of brain and behavior of adolescent progressively deteriorate. That’s our problem that we have to avoid as a student, the rising generation.

Good behavior is especial capital for me, to alter my mind pattern up at better. I start introspective of myself, diligent progressively pray (sholat) five times, wear dress and veil real correctly (syar’i) according to my religion teaching (Islam). And then, I try to enlarge the confidence in my religion teaching for going through and arrange my life up at better. Attitude or the way of life of Capitalism-Securalism and of Socialism-Communism are real two ways of life (paradigm) depart from my religion teaching. Because ought, religion is a confidence at the same time be an ideology able to arrange all our observance aspects to God and also all human being behaviour aspects in life, so that reaching a compatibility and balance go to real successfulness in final day (in eternity nature) later.

Successfulness in the world just a while and a play of drama, but all activities of drama are necessary a responsibility in final day of life. Try to get share become a good actor or actress (protagonist), so that all audiences like or happy to see that our appearance of drama onstage this life.

As student, of course we need a long phase to alter our world. Maybe, its early step is altering the view or way of life and giving coloration for the world of education in Indonesia (that always) wish can in the direction of better target than before.

Supposing in Indonesia have much students who have multi-talents, achievements and high activity ethos, of course will be able to compete healthy with (among) pledge students from other expand nations. Altering even vanish statement and view of other nations about Indonesia, that Indonesia is represent impecunious state, weaken and owning young people who have less achievements. We have to strive and our all out as the rising generation from agent of change.

Because, I and other student in Indonesia still have the high spirit, super activity ethos and can alter the world go to better future, if do it by solidarity and full of togetherness. Awareness of the roles and optimal responsibility, also existing ability in young people are two kind of important matter, so running or realizing our fantasies and dreams become the real successfulness and gratify.

My fantasy during nowadays and my life, I can say and act to prove that I ‘m one of the so much students in Indonesia, to become a Agent of Change for the world go to better direction of course, just hopefully! Altering some negative views from other nations to Indonesia, becoming positive views, that “Students and young people of Indonesia also represent persons capable to act, can do useful something for society, even can better and be the most excellent students from other students of nations in the world!” That’s the biggest my expectation.


1. Institution : Tadulako University (UNTAD)

2. Faculty : Teaching and Education Science Subject : Physics Education

3. Address : Jl. Soekarno Hatta (Bumi Kaktus) Palu

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By Ramdhani Wikusumah


Start in Indonesian economic crisis, when stuff must be paid expensively. Included in institution study

fee, which it makes study become luxurious. This problem should resolve in couple years, to reach

brainy Indonesian. How can we measure the brainy level of Indonesian to another country, especially

for the developing country? This is the way of my dream to change the world, at least to change

Indonesian first.

As a university student which will be the next leader, we should have a critical thinking. Where it can

be practiced by enforce some dilemmas with discussion solving. This is useful to open our mind and

will useful for our future. So the question is “what can I do as a student to change the world?”

Key: brainy Indonesian, what can I do as a student to change the world?


Knowledge is the most important thing for our life. Why? Because to start doing something especially

for an item, we should knew about the function, and know how to operate it. Not only that, life can

be through with no experiences, but the result will not as good as what we expects. But, if there

already experiences based on knowledge, the percentage of the success will much bigger than



Why do I take this topic? It is caused by how brainy people depend on what standard or meter that

takes. At this time, I will try to represent the cleverness with popular meter in this age, they are IQ

and EQ, two parts that able to explain generally.

There are some famous brainy mean:

1. C. P. Chaplin (1975) said The ability to enforce and adaptive for new situation fast,

2. Anita E. Woolfolk (1975) said brainy included three mentions: ability to learn, whole

knowledge that reach and ability to adaptation with new situation or generally environment.

First I would like to talk about what IQ and EQ. IQ (Intelligent Quotient) as an intellectual intelligent

build by Charles Spearman (1904) with him “Two Factor” theory, or Thurstone (1938) with “Primary

Mental Abilities” theory. There, they categorize the intelligent and call as Intelligent Quotient (IQ). It

was counted by the equivalent of mental age with chronological age, and then categorized it into idiot

to genius (Weacheler in Nana Syaodih, 2005).

Emotional Quotient (EQ), the meter by the emotional intelligent ability was invented by Daniel

Goleman (1999). He said that the emotional intelligent means the ability to understand our feeling

and other, ability to motivate our self and ability to control emotional for our self and other.

From there we can see that actually to be brainy, we should have both. How to reach both? What its

forms like? It could be seen, couldn’t it? The reason that I suggest to you to learn. There is no reason

if you have not study formally, because we still able to learn from our world and environment. That I

had, the environment teaches me more than I got in school applicably. The study to know what is

average human characteristics and the way to enforce it. May it would be better if there is a guide

book that already simulated by the expert to minimize the misleading the reader, but the book is too

small inside, and all person have different ability to enforce the same condition. So the best teacher

actually is nature. Where from the professor build the intelligent? I think they read it from nature.

Where from the astronauts get the knowledge about the condition in space’s atmosphere??? The

reason is the nature. Some of experiences that we already have can be concluded as a knowledge

that given by nature. So nature can be one of the reasons where we will create a new work field. Not

only became a farmer, but we can build the experiments how to grew up our agriculture in fast.

There is much agricultural university that builds in Indonesia, but how poor if our people just became

a consumerism where just able to walk as the other say it is good or better. We need a spirit to build

our ability to believe if we can, because to much Indonesian that after graduated, they work in

different subject as them skill.

May be some people will say if they have a weakness in their capacity to reach something. But there

is one of alternate that they can have experience from other experience. This is one of cheapest

study that people can do. There will be useful for your daily, but this kind of knowledge will be hard

or would not be used for scientist life, because nowadays people will believe if there is an experiment

from the expert.

The intelligent and emotional quotient actually will grow in the same time or influenced by both. We

can meter the brainy not only from how large your IQ test score, but how you can use your intelligent

capacity to rebuild your environment to be better. For these two parts we should have it balance,

because if there was not stable, it will produce something that a harmful person. As we know like

corruptors that actually we will obtain them have a good IQ, but without EQ they will most possibility

corrupt. The corrupt has same meaning with took something that not suppose his stuff, and it will not

happen if we have a spirit of believe that already organize in rules.

So, we will reach brainy Indonesian if there is already balance score between Emotional and

Intelligent. As our county’s aim that build in Undang-undang Dasar 1945.


This is not only a small question that can be said easily. This question is connecting us with every

person in any part of the world. So it is not a simple yes no question that able to answer in a word.

Depending on reality, every bigger must starts with a smaller first like our self. The first thing to

solve this mission should start with a dream. A dream or a will is something that able to move

someone to work. Many Indonesian that if asked about their dreams, their will scratch their head that

show a confuse condition. It is happen to a university student also that could be said smart, and how

about the simple minded, what will happen to them? They may just think to pass their life with a

want, because there is nothing to do and to keep (materials). In this condition, dream will make

somebody want to do something impossible with knowledge and hard works. That is why dreams and

will are the first thing we should have.

After dreaming about something to do, we need hard work and knowledge to make it real. Which the

knowledge reached only with study at school. But the crises that enforce us to expensive fee that we

should paid. Although now, for elementary school and lower secondary school is free by the

government. Some reason that why they can not go to school is the duty to help their parent to earn

money. And this is indicating the society economic level is very important. This is means education

will not alive without food, that food stands us to be alive.

Problem that we enforced is destitution of people, closely for Indonesian. In fact, this condition

makes some Indonesian became a singing beggar especially for a young man that under 18 in ages.

Where this is the time for kids to enrich their imagination and dream with play and study in school.

Concern with this condition, the first that we should build is the spirit to have a good position with

studying in school or anyplace. Why? Because a person’s status level in social is depend by the

knowledge that they already have. For example, what makes people having a good work? And the

primary answer is the level of your study that creates knowledge on you.

To solve this problem, the formal school that stands for government program is not effective for now,

although it is free. We need to transform the way of teaching that regularly use five or more hours to

stay in class and only listening to the teachers. One idea that I have is we create a informal school

that only focus to the students skill, this is caused the theory is only use to grow up our mind, where

need a higher step of level grade that means needed longer time than only grow up your skill. If we

talk about skill, the theory will come after that, so it will be easier to use for student that having less

time. For an example we can imagine about what we should do to create a study that interesting for

a singer beggar. Do you know if they actually working with guitars, mini drum, flute, etc? Here we

can teach them about what can they do with their ability, like how to create a guitar, or may be how

to promote your song to the producer. This skill will help to advance them. I think it is the most

effective way to enrich their education. Not only that, the government need to cooperate with social

organizations whose already stand for experiences in this kind of studies.

Except that, as a university student that have much knowledge, we need to change not only from

direct the subject, but we need to change it from the background rules that government persist. One

is the education curriculum that always changes for every four years. This is much confusing, where

every subject materials always change and we can not use the book for long time, because it is

expire for four years. One comment that I ever read is Malaysian already success with adopting

Indonesian 1994 curriculum, but why we as the owner not? We need to work hard to finish the

curriculum succession till reaching a success. As we know build for a small thing till it become success

need a hard work. Better if we want to judge the succession of the curriculum that already use we

need at least 9 years, because we will know the curriculum success when they already work to

manage his life and our country, then we will able to recreate and fix the elder curriculum.

Out of there, the simple ideas that I have is to experimented kid that they will take a part to a new

kind of schooling program. There if we use a normal program that takes a long time to be able work.

How if we use kids that usually takes from the elementary school? May it is takes that already finish

the third level where the age among 8-10 years old. That I feel when sitting in fourth level, the

material is already became complicate and not specific. This imagine me to try to aim them to jump

to the materials that already contain the work specify like farmer, science, or may be pharmacy.

There do not need to scare if they do not know like to what materials, but as walk as it is, they will

realize to where they suppose to be stay. In this experimented school, they would not learn out of

the materials that contain the different subject, like if he takes an agriculture subject they would not

ever to touch deeply about what is the technology works. May be it is looks so skeptic, but if it use till

they are in secondary high school.

For the first experiment, may we able to take the agriculture materials that very simple exactly for

farming. As we know, much of farming just an elementary school graduates. So, it would be better if

their get the great knowledge about it when they are stay in elementary school, because it what will

they do after that. I support them to do it, because, that what we need first they must be able to

read first that the aim when they study in elementary. Then when they are graduated, they would be

enrich they capability in the agriculture then they that just graduate from the university that known

only about the theory.

After apply their experiment, search, and being the expert in the agriculture (for the practice) they

still able to continue their study formally, this is supported by our government that stand for the

equivalent test to continuing the study by “kejar paket A, B, C”.

That is my imagination and my aim to make a better Indonesia. What about your aim and you want

do to make it better? To make it better, we should have a great imagination and aim to realize it, and

that is all is step by small thing first and goes to the bigger one. So the last question “What I can do

as Student to Change the World?”


Susilo, M. Joko. 2007. Pembodohan Siswa Tersistematis.Yogyakarta: Penerbit Pinus.




pada Simposium Nasional 2007 Pusat Penelitian Kebijakan dan Inovasi Pendidikn, Badan

Penelitian dan Pengembangan, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional Republika Indonesia,

25-26 Juli 2007)


1. Institution : Institut Teknologi Telkom

2. Faculty : Elektronika Subject : Teknik Telekomunikasi

3. Address : Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1, terusan buahbatu, Bandung

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Minimizing negative elements of modern life as a realization of student’s responsibility towards better world change.

Minimizing negative elements of modern life

as a realization of student’s responsibility towards better world change.

By Cevi Agis Firmansyah

How is the effect of modern life toward world society?

We often listen the term of modern, but what it’s mean? Although the terms of modern have spread widely in our society for example modern dance, modern dress, modern woman etc. Actually, only few people know exactly the real meaning of modern term. According to Indonesian dictionary, modern is 1.New model, new manner, newest, the very latest 2.Attitude and manner think with manner act that appropriate with period demand. According to Europe history that at first time the term of modern come from Europe enlightenment century with appearance of aufklarung (Germany term), after that appear rationalism and empirism. Then appear the term of modern philosophy. At that time, the modern philosophy idealism as if appears to rebel the church doctrine that disturb the life society. Then at that time, appear a new invention, such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Albert Einstein that collapse the paradigm of conservative church.

Modern life has a positive and negative effect. The positive effects such as more develop technology in many aspect, communication, transportation, space, therapy, economic etc. that help people in doing their activities. On other hand, the negative effects of modern life rapidly grow. The rapid development and innovation of technology in social has exerted a great influence upon the pattern of human interaction, and has resulted in the changes of inter-personal and inter group relations. For example society life that intend to individualist, doing everything for world luxury, the humanism value that more collapse etc.

The other example of negative effect of modern life is family life, family credibility more collapse because of moral, religion and character value that have gone step by step. Their parents were busy with their job, parents that should teach their children at the first time lose their function because they more believe to school, exactly favourite and the best school. They don’t know what their children do in their activity.


J What will student do as a struggle front guard in overcoming negative effect of modern life?

The history of movement and change in many countries don’t separated by student of university role. Although thinking of student is not always accepted in their struggle and their struggle is not always win. Student of university ideas are never die. As Mahatma Gandhi a nationalist and spiritual leader from India (1869-1948) says:

“At first, they ignore you, then they laugh you, later they fight you, after that you win.”

The student of university comes up in a struggle front guard. Student of university is not student that always must study but they have a responsibility for their social environment. They are demanded not only for theirs importance, but also for their country, social environment etc. why student of university must do a change? It because student of university have a big chance as a change agent, student of university have an intellectual ability. Besides that student of university as a young generation have positive case, that is energetic and idealist. Energetic is active and full of spirit in doing something and idealist means that student of university free in determining the best thing or the case that is good as their thinking.

The most important thing of change is student have to change their selves first, student have to become their selves (confident). Let’s take an example of Natural River and canal (non Natural River), a natural river is tortuous, rotate and follow an earth surface form. A natural river is not flow up or flow anywhere. The natural river doesn’t seem thinking something and doesn’t implement damage. The natural river becomes itself. The natural river lives in its existence as a river. Now, let’s see Non-natural River. The water flows anywhere, it’s not look charming. The water follows a straight line. Never reach sea and need more technology-flood gate etc to work well. What we want is water become itself, without instruction, pressure from other people. Be your self…! Be your self…! Be your self…! As quote at aa gym mission in 3M (mulai dari hal kecil(begin from small case), mulai dari diri sendiri( begin from yourself), mulai dari sekarang(begin from now)). At second point aa gym emphasize a begin from your self, it’s important because as individual we can’t urge other people do what they don’t like. We must start it by ourselves. As Napoleon Hill state:

“Your mental attitude is something you can control outright and you must use self discipline until you create positive mental attitude-your mental attitude attracts to you everything that makes you what you are.”

That first point what student need.

Student of university have to bring a good influence for many people. Nowadays, people kill each other, war, criminals, corruption, and kinds of deviation (law, culture, religion etc). To change the negative case of it, we don’t need to become a leader (president etc.). Just be yourself! And conduct everything that useful for society and environment life. Because how small a kindness that we have done and we plant it step by step. For a long time it can make a big effect for world. Someone that plant seed, then give water and fertilizer, it can change become a big something, big and strong tree that one time can be picked its fruits

What is in behind us and what is in front us is a small problems than is in ourselves”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1830-1882)

Writer, poet, philosophy from US

In this modern world, we as young generation should not influence by the negative case such as drunk, drugs, free sex etc. our founding father will sad of it, their struggle for our independence will be futile. If we just now realize it, it will not too late for change. With apply function of student in our life that is agent of change, agent of social and iron stack. As a state of General Douglass McArthur, state that:

“Live is a lively process of becoming”

J JAgent of change

“We are not yet live in full moon light; we still live in transition period. Stay enthusiastic the hawk eagle!”

Speech of Soekarno, august 17th 1949.

As statement above, nowadays world intend to bring the people in negative case. I think it not only attacks government but also lower middle class societies have influence of it. Therefore, the change is needed for our better life. Because the change is absolute value and it will occur. Although we are quiet, the change will occur. But the change will be different with ideology that we are held and we assume that is good.

The next question is why student have to do a change? And doesn’t other people in many profession? Simply answer, it because we are the chosen ones. In Indonesia the people that study in university only in a little bit. We know that the education in Indonesia is still to expensive. Less than 7% that ever study at university. Although the student of university comparison is few than it people, the student of university have to be a struggle front guard of change. We have to realize that we may not lose our responsibility. We may not let the world conduct the change in the wrong side. Student of university have to conduct the change in a good side. As Rasulullah saw say that we have to use five chances. One of them our young period before old period come.

In sociology science, there is two opinion of change. First, materialistic opinion that believes society is determined by technology or goods. For example Karl Mark states that windmill creates a feudal society; steam engine creates industry capitalist society. Or may be we called us as informative society because of internet stream. Second is idealistic opinion that emphasizes idea function. Ideology or value as factor influences the change. As student of university we have to accommodate that opinion for a change that we want. That is because we are potentials to make it come true. In this mission of change, we have to create a method that is not hustle. As I state before, we start in a small scope, such as our self. Until a big scale that is world.

J JAgent of social

“The most basic and powerful way to connect to other person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give to each other is our attention.”

*Rachel Naomi Remen.

In this function student is demanded to have a compassion feel, care feel, sensitivity, honesty and real contribution to the society that appropriate with their ability each others. Student give a form, colour and world face. Their power is not only come from their education but also their power come from their willing and ability in understanding the social problem. Because we come from different background, organization, faculty, department and ability, student is supposed to contribute to society in positive benefit. Student has to join in one mission in order to make one decision for social environment. Beside that student must embed motivation to social environment. Motivation will bear movement that aim to changing direction. This motivation is more important if we remember a scientist opinion (Thuman and Bennet) state that the main factor of civilization extinction is lose of confident, motivation and spirit to survive. Therefore, motivation change society and I assume that with society changing it will influence the other factor such as our nation changing.

J JIron Stock

Student of university is iron stack means that student is demanded to become brave people that have an ability and noble character in continuing the previous generation. Student of university are given education and experience that will useful for our nation in the future.

In this case student of university is interpreted as future reserve, future asset and nation hope in future. Life is never eternal. All will be change. Our government will not be eternal. It is signed by power change from old group to young group. Therefore, forming of cadres must conduct continuously. University world and its student of university are forming of cadre’s momentum that is pity to pass. Especially for the student that have a chance. There is a Muslim priest state that young have 3 functions, that is:

1. As router generation (Atthur:21) continuing kindness value that exist in one society.

2. As successor generation (Al-maidah:54) replacing the bad society with good side that love each other.

3. As innovator generation (Maryam:42) improving and innovating the damage from society.

According to the history, the young people function is not hesitation. They become a struggle front guard of change. Then, what we do to fulfill the iron stack? The answer is we must enrich our self with good knowledge either in profession side or society side. And we must study for the previous generation mistake in order to not repeat that mistake. Why is iron stock? Not gold stock? May be it because the characteristic of iron that will be rusty in some period, so it need to change. It is similar with the young generation that should replace the old generation. One question, if we don’t build our self, is it possible to build world in the future? The answer is up to you. We must in front guard and don’t to resign. Due to resign from struggle is a looser.


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1. Institution : University of Indonesia

2. Faculty : Computer science Subject : computer science

3. Address : Depok

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